Chrissy Teigen’s Candid Confession About Accepting Extra Body Weight Post-Pregnancy

A former model and a bestselling author by profession, John Legend’s wife Chrissy Teigen says that she is completely fine with weighing few extra pounds if it allows her to enjoy food and keeps her away from postpartum depression.

Chrissy, in her mid-thirties, told that she still has some extra weight that she gained during her second pregnancy. She revealed being 20 lbs. more as compared to what she weighed before giving birth to her son Miles. Sharing the details on Twitter, she admitted that she is now accepting her body the way it is and has started to feel normal about her weight. With that, she also specified how much she loves food.

Furthermore, Chrissy explained that increased weight is an indication of her better mental health as she had quite a struggle with it post the arrival of her daughter Luna. After the first delivery, she went through postpartum depression which led her to drink a bit too much and eat less bringing her body to the thinnest it had ever been. It was only until consulting the doctors that she became aware of the condition and started taking medication for getting better.

Now with a new mindset, Chrissy told that her children are the reason she has learned to accept a different body. As she puts it – it’s visible that she has put on weight and the difference in her body shape is noticeable but then looking at her adorable little kids makes her feel blissful.

Chrissy also mentioned that being a mom and an author brings her a sense of accomplishment for which she doesn’t mind leaving her career as a model. She said it’s no more important to be a model as she gets to cook, be a mommy, and meet great people which makes the whole transition worthful.

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