Arm workouts you can do at home without weights

You do not need free weights or a weight machine to achieve sexy, sculpted arms. Seriously! Literally your own body weight is the best equipment out there for toning your arms, whether you can make it to the gym or not. 

You also needn’t be a professional trainer or expert workout buff to perform exercises that will help define your arms. Anyone can do an arm workout at home. Now. Today! Use these step-by-step explanations of moves that are easy as well as effective, from push ups to planks and beyond. You’ll tone your shoulders, biceps, and triceps and even target other muscles in your body as a bonus.

You may love these arm exercises so much you’ll never pick up an arm weight again. Unless it’s to use it as a door stopper.

You don't need any weights to do push-ups

This overall body toning exercise targets not just your shoulders and arm muscles, but the chest, back, and core. According to Charlee Atkins, CSCS, a New York City-based trainer, push ups are great for functional training to help you do everyday tasks like carrying groceries and opening doors (via Health). The perfect push up takes time to achieve, but focus on moving your body from the top of a straight-arm plank, to the floor and up again, with your body in a straight line. The closer your feet are together, the more challenging the exercise. Atkins adds, “When you drop to the knees, you completely eliminate half of your body weight and train improper body mechanics.” Instead, increase your incline by performing the move with your hands on a bench or sofa as you gain strength.

Planks require no weights

There are tons of plank exercise variations, from a straight-arm plank to side planks, reverse planks, and moving planks. All of these moves strengthen your arms (and core and back) without the use of weights (via Self). Once you have perfected your stationary planks, try tapping alternate shoulders, or moving from a straight-arm plank to a forearm plank. You’ll see results ASAP!

Tricep dips build muscle without weights

All you need is a chair or a set of stairs to tone your triceps (the back of your arms), your chest, and upper back (via Healthline). Simply sit on a sturdy chair with your hands placed beside your hips at the front edge of the chair, fingers pointing forward. You’ll move your bottom off the chair, and dip it toward the ground, moving your elbows from a 90 degree angle to straight. Be sure to position your feet so your knees don’t go past your ankles. As you build strength, you can extend your legs so only your heels touch the floor.

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