8 Unique & Cozy Heating Pads You Won't Hesitate to Use

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If you’ve come to this article, you probably don’t want to be here. That is, you have some kind of back pain, neck pain, or just the period cramps you’re hoping won’t return each month. We definitely feel you on that.

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Painkillers might be your go-to for these aches and pains, but when you’re waiting for those to kick in, you may need something comfy and cozy to curl up on the couch with. While sometimes cold is the right sensation for reducing inflammation, heat therapy can benefit you by soothing stiffness and relaxing your muscles, according to the Arthritis Foundation.

Enter this array of heating pads, many of which are huggable. We came up with a list of the most unique heating pads that either have a pretty pattern, a cozy texture, can fit around your neck while you work, or are convenient for travel. Add these to cart and get to cuddling (and feeling better)!

  • Sonoma Lavender Spa Heat Wrap

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Treat yourself on one of those not-so-great days by relaxing with this calming lavender-scented spa heat wrap. It’s perfect for your neck, or soothing your lower back or lower abdomen during your period. Pop it in the microwave or the dryer to heat it up and throw the cover in your washing machine once you’re done. 

    Sonoma Lavender Spa Wrap$49
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  • Pixie Period Heating Pad

    Image Credit: Amazon

    Most of us don’t have the luxury of laying on the couch all day when we have period cramps. If you have to make it to work or school and need a bit of support, try this wearable heating pad from period company Pixie Cup. You wear it like a fanny pack (you may want to wear a bulky sweater if you want it to be extra discreet) and the infrared heat provides heat relief. You can also use the massage feature, which works for 3 hours straight on the battery, which you can recharge to use time and time again. 

    Pixie Period Heating Pad$30
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  • Rael Heating Patch

    About to get your period while you’re traveling? Stick one (or seven) of these in your carry-on luggage and you’ll be good to go. Rael’s Heating Patch isn’t the same as a traditional heating pad, per se, but it sticks right to your underwear (we wecommend your favorite high-waisted pair) and provides warmth and relief for up to 8 hours. 

    Rael Heating Patch $18
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  • Calming Lavender Heat Pillow

    Here’s a heating pad you can leave out on your couch year-round as decor, and can use when your back is aching. Filled with barley and lavender, it has an inviting scent too. Just warm it up in the microwave for two minutes. 

    Calming Lavender Heat Pillow $35
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  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief Deluxe Heating Pad

    Image Credit: Target

    For major muscle injuries and discomfort, you need to bring in this level of deluxe heating pad. It’s 12 x 24 inches, and perfect for your lower back, legs, and more. The remote control allows you to change the heat settings based on your comfort level, so that you can use it on your bare skin and still feel cozy. Toss the fabric in the wash any time you want, too. 

    Pure Enrichment PureRelief Deluxe Heating Pad$35
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  • Ostrichpillow Heat Bag

    The Ostrichpillow Heat Bag is your new BFF for any kind of injury, and the natural clay interior is basically the modern, eco-friendly update to the hot water bottle. It gets cold when you freeze it, in case you want to use it to ice your muscles before using heat, and gets warm by microwaving or boiling it. 

    Ostrichpillow Heat Bag$60
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  • Gamago Pizza Heating Pad

    Image Credit: Amazon

    If you crave pizza while you’re on your period, you’re not alone. You can grab a slice to eat and this slice of pizza heating pad to cozy up in bed with. It’s microwaveable, huggable, and doesn’t have a cheesy scent but a soothing lavender scent instead. 

    Gamago Pizza Heating Pad$30
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  • Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Back and Neck Heating Pad

    Image Credit: Pure Enrichment

    When your whole neck and back is aching, this is a quick fix: The Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Heating Pad is a one-size-fits-all wearable, adjustable heating pad that you will definitely need while sitting at your computer all day. It heats up via the remote control with four different temperature options, and can be machine washed after use. 

    Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Heating Pad$50
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