European elections: pharmacist motivate to participate

26. May European elections. The result will also influence the future of health care in Germany. The ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists appealed to all citizens, the choice of the parties objectives to inform and to use their voice.

“Every voice counts in the European elections,” said ABDA, President of Friedemann Schmidt. With the own voice, each voter could decide about who is feeding into the European Parliament. “Just in the health policy, it is clear why the diversity of national experiences is important and how the European Union’s strengths.”

Schmidt emphasized that the leading candidates and political groups say there is also a strong word when it comes to the appointment of the new President of the Commission. “And the new Commission will have to be measured in terms of whether the economy concrete internal market unconditionally drives or exceptions in the social field such as health policy”, the ABDA-President.

The pharmacists have submitted their vertices in the European election already. Among the five core positions of the so-called subsidiarity in health care, among others. This means that the individual member state may adopt rules in this area on his own responsibility. In addition, the pharmacists are committed to the preservation of the liberal professions, the protection of patients, the digitization and the availability of medicines.


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