3 Self-Care Habits Guys In Their 50s Say They Should've Practiced Sooner

There’s a good chance that you’ve stumbled upon some life-enhancing habit and thought, “Why didn’t I do this sooner?”

In a recent post, one Reddit user asked the community for self-care tips that guys wish they’d known about: “Men 50+, what are some self-care habits you wish you started earlier?,” the post reads.

Many said they wish they adopted obvious healthy behaviors, like giving up cigarettes, but several men believe mental health should be your top priority.

“Therapy. I turn 40 this year so I’m not in the 50+_ crowd but if there’s anything I can recommend people start sooner it’s therapy,” one user wrote.

“Find a therapist, even just to talk for a little while about why you are disconnected with your life,” another Redditor suggested.

Focusing on mental health includes developing and maintaining strong friendships throughout life, according to the community. One user explains he wish he had known that “Extending my social network and understanding that shared experiences in a social group are an important part of mental health.”

Another guy explained that he hated how his social parents dragged him to outings as a child. As an adult, he realizes these friendships keep his parents happy and active.


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“They embarrassingly have more friends than I do. I notice other folks their age become very cynical and negative because they’re alone and rarely venture out of the house,” he explains.

And of course, men recommended all the basics of good health: moderate drinking, no cigarettes, and plenty of fruits, vegetables, and exercise.

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