Pharmacies to look with concern into the future

Shortages and negative economic development delivery. The next few years, the pharmacy owners are negative. This emerges from a survey of the ABDA – Federal Union of German associations of Pharmacists e. V. shows. The results presented on the occasion of the German pharmacist tags in Düsseldorf.

As one of the biggest annoyances in the everyday, the 500 respondents to the pharmacist to give, in the meantime, the shortages of medicines. Nine times out of ten this is a concern. Three years ago the figure was one third. More than half said that they and their employees spend more than ten per cent of their working time in order to solve these problems.

Eight out of ten pharmacy owners expect that economic development will proceed in the next two to three years is negative. Three years ago, only every Second cared of. Another pressing issue: The desire for more planning certainty from the policy through a stable legal framework.

"The mood in the pharmacies is getting worse and worse." This conclusion from the survey draws Mathias Arnold, Vice-President of the ABDA. "If four out of five pharmacy owners for the next few years ‚schwarz‘ see, erodes the Foundation for high-quality and local supply of medicines for people in Germany."

Arnold, therefore, an urgent need for action by the Federal policy. "Pharmacists are available to healthcare practitioners, the need to have a reasonable framework. To order, political stability, economic improvements, and a technical perspective belong to. We have to wait for at least three years." With the currently discussed pharmacy reform package, there is still the Chance to get ahead and to improve the Situation.

The Deutsche Apothekertag is held annually in Düsseldorf and Munich. More than 300 delegates from 17 chemists ‘ chambers and associations to discuss and decide the future positions of the profession.


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