Couples are going WILD for the ‘Hot Seat’ sex position – it’s the perfect workout

A steamy sex session under the sheets isn’t just good fun, it’s also a great way of exercise.

In fact, men can burn up to 200 calories every 60 minutes in bed, while a woman torches around 138 calories.

So if you’ve missed your morning HIIT class, there’s no need to stress as there are other ways of getting in a sweaty workout.

According to Cosmopolitan, the Hot Seat sex position won’t just guarantee an orgasm, it’ll count as your workout too.

How do you master it?

All you have to do is climb on top of your fella – who’s lying on his back.

Then raise and lower yourself, slightly above their body, but never full-on sitting on them.

If this position is new for you, it’s best to hold onto his arms or shoulders.

Otherwise the man will have complete control when he holds onto your legs tight.

You must know that this position will require a lot of thigh power, so be ready for a leg workout when trying this move.

And if you fancy taking it to another level, you could add some lube or a sex toy into the equation.


Previously, we revealed the shower sex position which adds more sensations.

The Column move is perfectly simple and will certainly keep you wet in the shower.

All you have to do is stand in front of your partner and bend ever so slightly to his crotch.

He will lean back in order to get into the right position and begin thrusting, while you remain with your back towards him.

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