Women reveal two words that leave them feeling weak at the knees

Using this dominant phrase in the bedroom could send your partner wild.

Apparently, ladies “melt” when their lovers beckon them closer.

Here are the two words that have been described as the “sexiest thing ever”.

A Twitter user, who goes by the pseudonym @wildfeels, revealed the two words that make her “melt”.

She wrote: “Am I the only girl who melts when a boy says ‘come here’.

“Like it’s so simple and innocent yet so demanding and possessive omg.”

It seems that many are equally drawn to the simple command.

In a matter of days, the post has racked up 21,000 retweets and 117,000 likes.

One commenter confessed: “Come here is the pengest, I actually become weak.”

Another said it was the “sexiest thing ever.”

A third added: “My boyfriend will motion me with his pointer finger and gives me this sly look on his face.

“It’s hot.”

While the phrase seems to leave a lot of women feeling aroused, it doesn’t work on everyone.

One Twitter user admitted: “My girlfriend gives me a hard time when I ask here to come to me.

“She’s convinced I’m just lazy lol.”

Another joked: “When he treats you like a dog.”

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