What a roofie is so dangerous and how to protect yourself

There is one thing that almost all parents give their adolescent children: “If you’re on the go, don’t leave your drink.” Almost everyone knows the stories, all revolving around a substance: the so-called K. o.-drops. A drug that can be secretly mixed in a glass and makes the Affected light casualties. Since the drops are colorless and odorless, notice the victim until it is too late. And because the drops look similar, however, stronger than alcohol, to give the victims even often self-blame.

How exactly is roofie?

Speaking of roofies, you think you often GHB and GBL, which is, among other things, as “Liquid Ecstasy”. In General, it is known, however, anesthesia or sedatives that affect the Actions of people without them noticing it. The first signs already after about ten to twenty minutes. If the victim has already been drinking alcohol or certain tablets occupies, the effect of the drug.

What is the drops makes it so dangerous?

The symptoms differ initially from those of a Drunken man: The Person loses inhibitions, she is dizzy, she suffers from Nausea and gets tired quickly. Here is also the big Problem of the substance is: Often it is confused with the effect of alcohol and therefore played down. Friends do not recognize the danger, and then it is usually too late: The victim is either unconscious or is brought by the offender to a different location. This effect is made use that is why just sex offenders, and thieves. The victim can remember the day after that, usually nothing more. You suffer the crack under a so-called “film” – there is also the alcohol consumption. At a higher dose life is in danger also: The victim has trouble Breathing and can even fall into a coma.

How you prevent the Situation

Let your glass never standing at the bar, to go Dancing and a Cocktail then more booze. If someone “offering a drink” to Reject! To be sure, we recommend that you also order a drink from the bottle. You instruct your friends on your glass take care of and you do the Same for you. Besides, it helps to know the symptoms: If you notice that someone is suddenly completely uninhibited on the dance floor is of the essence, then tired, and the effort has to stay awake, then you blame it on the alcohol. In this Situation, and ask if everything is in order. You remain skeptical and you take care of, where appropriate, that the Person is safely home.

Such situations correctly assess a certain amount of willingness to help and a sense for danger is inevitable. The physical symptoms to take strong and it goes to the Person getting worse, call an ambulance, as well as the police. In the administration of K. o-drop is a Crime that must be treated as such.

What to do when it is too late?

You should know that K. o. drops are in a period of up to twelve hour is undetectable. If you are suffering from a memory gap, you want to make sure that you get the drug administered, so as soon as possible to a doctor and explain your suspicions! Using a urine or blood test, the substance can be detected in your body. Report the incident then to the police.

This article was written by Angelika Watta

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