These six medications should be in every home pharmacy

The in-house doctor, and the child suddenly gets a fever: In such cases, a well-stocked in-house pharmacy helps. You should include especially drugs that are intended for short term use and mild complaints act, advises Stiftung Warentest in the current issue. But what are the in the Individual?

Experts the medicinal products database of the Foundation were scoured test in accordance with the appropriate resources and recommend six drugs, which should form the Basis of each home medicine Cabinet. It is a remedy against pain, fever, cold, cough, diarrhea, and wound care. The individual areas in the Overview:

What is it else

Science explains quickly

Vitamin C really helps with the flu and the common cold?

The six drugs only represent the basic requirements against the most common complaints. Allergy sufferers, people with sensitive stomach or sleep complaints can sometimes take more prescription medications. Prescription drugs have lost an in-house pharmacy nothing. You will always be prescribed individually, and should be kept separate. Otherwise, there is the risk of confusion, which can pull in case of severe side effects.

Children need depending on their age, often low-dosiertere drugs. Also, for Pregnant women, lactating women and the elderly, special features may apply. Customers should refer to this in the pharmacy, therefore, always to if you buy over-the-counter remedy for children, Pregnant women, lactating women and the elderly.

The full report, there is a fee here.

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