Sport improves prognosis in breast cancer

Women, in sports, in breast cancer better chances of Survival. Scientists have found that inactive women can catch up: Even after the cancer diagnosis, the death rate declined when the physical activity was increased to the recommended level of 150 minutes per week.

150 minutes at moderate intensity or 75 minutes of really strenuous Sport per week: This is the official recommendation of the world health organization (WHO). Whoever reaches this Level, has breast cancer better chances of Survival. But women driven before the diagnosis of any Sport, can benefit, if you increase your activity accordingly. In a study by scientists at the German cancer research centre, your mortality rate was halved compared to continue to inactive women and reached a similar value as those which were already before the diagnosis active.

"Our work has revealed that breast cancer Survivors who exercise at least 150 minutes per week of moderate intense physical activity, have a better prognosis than women who were not sufficiently physically active. The remarkable thing is that This effect is independent of how much the Sport exercised the women against the disease haben", study leader Jenny Chang-Claude said. The effect was also independent of other known factors that can affect Survival. In the study 3.813 women were included aged 50 years, whose chest was occurred cancer after the menopause.