Finally Non Smoking! With these ten tips to stop Smoking succeed

“Quitting Smoking is one of the simplest things ever – I should know, because I’ve done it a Thousand Times.” Mark Twain summed up the Dilemma and the fear of many smokers, the ogling kind of Stop in words. How to get started it is best how big are the odds?

1. On substitute preparations rely

Seven seconds after inhaling the smoke, bubbles is the nicotine through the lungs into the brain and has stimulated various nerve centers. You will feel more alert, more focused and simultaneously relaxed.

The more you smoke, the more nicotine receptors develop and reinforce your Desire for the cigarette. The receptors have become accustomed to the daily dose of Nicotine, and the body reacts with withdrawal symptoms when he receives no nicotine.

In contrast, replacement supplements to help with the active ingredient nicotine. You lead the body via the skin or the mouth mucosa to small amounts of nicotine, so you smoke decreases demand.

Also, E-cigarettes can help according to the German cancer research center (DKFZ), potentially, for Smoking cessation. “Most likely, E-cigarettes help with nicotine rather when you stop Smoking than those without nicotine”, – stated in a fact sheet. The studies on this are still scarce. Non-smokers should not resort to E-cigarettes, because they pose health risks.

2. Rituals, be aware of and avoid

The cigarette is linked to certain situations of daily life: the Cup of coffee after the meal, the minutes to the railway or bus station, to work processes, which require full concentration, or on the way to the supermarket.

You make your typical Smoking situations be aware of. You have to write all the events that let to the cigarette attack. These triggers should you ignore then aware of, for example, no cigarette for a Cup of coffee.

You start to break the Habit of best in a time of physical and mental rest and relaxation, for example in the holiday. Then account for many of the typical smoke rituals and new impressions to distract from the desire to Smoke.

3. A fixed date for the Stop set

You can set the day Zero to determine: “as of today, not a single cigarette is smoked.” You do not need to take the firm decision to quit Smoking immediately. Gradual Weaning will almost never succeed.

You smoke distributed evenly throughout the day, so the nicotine can help them patch. It is in the morning stuck at any point, and in the evening removed to be at night, nicotine-free, and to detoxify the body slowly.

In the case of irregular consumption of cigarettes, for example, just to drink coffee and in the evening when leaving nicotine-chewing gum more sense. So, you can avoid physical withdrawal symptoms.

4. The strengths of subconscious

Positive reinforcement: Find a phrase that encourages you and you may say to yourself, for example, in the morning in front of the mirror: “I can do it and I’ll be proud of me!” Sounds silly, can influence the subconscious mind, but actually.

Imagine, how your everyday life without an Addiction will look, what will they do with the money saved and how easy they are to sprint in the future, the stairs to the office.

You realize that you are physically healthier, fresher appearance and no longer the blue Smoke smell, if you have stopped.

5. The cigarette gap will not fill with sweets

They do not use candy instead of a cigarette – many smokers who want to quit, fear of weight gain. Against the feeling of empty hands tumbled or games of skill to help with the hands.

You can replace your expenditure on cigarettes by the things that make you happy, or save the money so that you can see the saving progress. Well it would be created, for example, in courses that provide relaxation and stress reduction, or new Hobbies. To reduce the risk that you grab later, out of boredom or Stress to the cigarette.

6. Even under the pressure to succeed put

You tell all of your friends to smoke you to stop. Self-confidence is good, control is better. And a little bit of pressure to be tested, looks can’t hurt.

You put in however, not under too much pressure, otherwise the stress risk is too great.

    When after getting Up you smoke your first cigarette?

    7. Smoking spots at the beginning to avoid

    They avoid at the beginning of places and situations in which it can be Smoking to pubs and Clubs, for example. If you believe, nevertheless, that drink you prefer fruit juices – the taste of cigarettes combined worse than Cola or Alcoholic.

    You chew quietly, just normal chewing gum to keep a fresh taste in the mouth. Don’t let the smell of the around them lit cigarettes and the Click of lighters to tempt you – if you have identified these points as a Ritual, get the before going Out.

    8. Exercise on a regular basis

    Sports calms the nerves, lifts the spirits and dampens the request of the Smoke. Especially good at Swimming and team sports.

    Start with a endurance sports: If you test your performance on the first day of ex-smokers to life and at regular intervals, the increase in performance compare to create you a little experience of success.

    9. Support from like-Minded people looking for

    You’ll get help and support. This can be, for example, the participation in the group. There you will meet like-Minded people who are as determined as you give up Smoking.

    On the Internet you will find forums in which Ex-to give smokers advice and support, for example, on the side of the Federal centre for health education (BZgA).

    10. Through setbacks do not be discouraged

    Not afraid of setbacks that can happen and should not endanger your entire groundwork. You ask whether the cigarette was really a treat. What you have to show for it?

    Make you once again aware of what you have done in the past-time Positive for your body.

    Frightening Study

    The cigarette smoke causes in the body

    That Smoking can cause cancer, is known. But now, scientists have researched what the Smoke causes specifically in the body. The results are alarming.