Domestic violence: the Secret pharmacies Code helps women in Corona-times

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A lot of time at home, a lot of time with the Partner, a lot of time with the family. Usually, there are holidays that we associate with such situations. Usually these phases are limited and most of the time we enjoy. But for other people they mean acute danger. One in four women is or has ever been a victim of violence by their current or former Partner.

Experts warn on a regular basis before an increase in domestic violence. Often, this is to Christmas the case. Now we have to deal with a Situation whose end is not to estimate In the corona of crisis, people spend forced a lot of time at home, with your family or with your companions. But what if the threat comes not only from a Virus out there – but from the people with whom you share a Sofa?


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Domestic violence to the corona crisis: help in the pharmacy

For this case, pharmacies have taken action now. They are still open and can be the key point of contact for victims of domestic violence. The world is now informed about Code words with which the people on your emergency situation to the attention of can make.

Who goes to a pharmacy, don’t get here is currently not only drugs, but also help in cases of domestic violence, even when one is alone. To the code word “Maske19” at the time of ordering is expressed. In France and Spain should have the Code already around. Pharmacists are encouraged to inform the authorities and to help. Now it remains to hope that the Codes also speak in Germany around.

You’re not alone

Women who suffer from domestic violence, are currently caught in a danger zone. Usual Monitoring and points of contact, be it grandparents, schools, or meetings, fall away in the corona of a crisis. The more important it is to know the victims: you are not alone. Also now there is a way out. Hotels are encouraged to offer a place of refuge. The help phone violence against women is among the 08000 116 016 continues to be accessible. More help at:

sources used: Federal Ministry for family Affairs, senior citizens, women and youth, help telephone, daily show

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