Diabetes: skin problems are a warning sign

Spots on the leg, fungal infections, itching seemed to be: In the case of diabetics, skin disorders occur significantly more frequently than in healthy people. To pay attention to what complaints especially, experts say, the German Diabetes society (DDG).

Skin problems can point to a previously undiscovered type 2 Diabetes, or a lack of therapy in diabetic patients. "Between 30 and 70 per cent of all Diabetes patients have dermatological symptoms and diseases auf", DDG-President, Professor Dr. med says. Monika Kellerer. Presumably, favor inflammatory processes, deposits of sugar-containing substances in the skin and the weakened immune system the problems with the skin.

Hästage warning signs: Bräunliche spots on the Shin

Among the most common skin manifestations in people with Diabetes, brownish, scar-like, roundish spots, which show mostly on the front of the Shin. The diabetic Dermopathie, such as pigment hot changes in the technical language, can be found in up to 70 percent of all diabetes patients. "It is very often the first sign of an unrecognized Diabetes", reported by Professor Dr. med says. Claudia Pföhler of the clinic for dermatology, venerology and Allergology at the University hospital of the Saarland. Who seemed to have such spots, legs, under arms or feet are noticed, it could let the house doctor, and his Fasting blood sugar check. The good news: "The spots disappear when the Diabetes set ist", so, the Dermatologist.

Hartnästorey fungal infections suggest Diabetes

Another warning sign for Diabetes strong, stubborn fungal infections of the feet, in the Groin or the armpit, under the breast, in the vagina or in the anal area. "Chronic yeast infections with your excruciating itching considered to be a Marker disease for Diabetes mellitus", Pföhler said. Affected to look at the best in addition to a skin doctor in the house doctor to get the blood sugar value is measured.

Special caution is necessary in the case of nail fungus: It is for diabetes patients to be a risk, because the nail serve to damage as a portal of Entry for bacteria, which can, for example, carry a diabetic foot ulcers. To prevent this, Doctors prescribe the professional foot care in podiatrists on prescription.

Itching is a sign of alarm für Nierenschäthe

In the course of their disease, many diabetes patients suffer from skin dry. You can trigger a severe itching. This is not due to classic therapies such as cortisone ointment or antihistamines in the grip of war, should be the doctor noisy. "Unquenchable itching, responsive to no therapy, in diabetic patients, a note on a Nierenfunktionsstörung", Dr. med says. Cornelia Woitek, in-charge of a diabeto, a logical focus of practice in Wurzen, near Leipzig. Diabetes can cause as a result of disease damage to the kidneys. They are detected in a timely manner, you can be treated well.

Correct skin care prevents

Diabetics can do a lot to keep your skin healthy. Particularly moisturizing care products are suitable with the content of glycerine, Panthenol, witch hazel, Aloe Vera, Vitamin E and urea substances. In the cold Season, Woitek advises also not to hot and to long bathing and dry to avoid wet skin. After bathing or showering, apply lotion is announced.


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