Countries call for ban on Smoking in cars

No escape possible: Who sits on the backseat of the car, is at the mercy of cigarette smoke unprotected. When it comes to the willingness of several provinces, are full gequalmte cars, but soon the past. North Rhine-Westphalia, Bremen, Hamburg, lower Saxony and Schleswig-Holstein have introduced a legislative initiative in the Bundesrat.

Changed the non-Smoking protection law. If Pregnant women and children sitting in the car, should cigarettes be taboo. In the event of violations would then threaten fines of 500 to 3000 euros. The Doctors in Germany to support the.

Such a ban is overdue, said the President of the Federal chamber of physicians, Klaus Reinhardt. Passive health Smoking was bad for “solid”, this applies in particular for the Unborn, children and young people. “It should not be a matter of course, to smoke in their presence,” he said. “Where this understanding is lacking, the state must intervene.” Let the Federal government children so far, but still more in the Smoke to sit. Therefore, the medical Profession welcome the initiative in the Bundesrat.

“The Federal government must finally act, and the relevant regulations, to implement,” said lower Saxony’s Minister of health, Carola Reimann (SPD) in advance. “Children, in particular, carry a number of health consequences from passive Smoking of it.”

Tobacco smoke: 90 proven toxic or carcinogenic substances

According to the Ulmer lung specialist Michael Barczok Smoking in the car is always problematic and should, in principle, remain under. Especially it becomes critical, therefore, if third parties are in the car, which also suffer from a respiratory disease or because of their physical development are particularly at risk.

“In burnt tobacco around 90 proven toxic or carcinogenic substances”, – stated in the justification of the countries of the initiative for the required prohibition of Smoking.

The countries refer to studies of the German cancer research center (DKFZ), according to which the concentration of pollutants in smoke-filled cars is five times as high as in an average smoke-filled Bar. In the case of children, therefore, a number of health consequences can be observed. This includes, among other things, an increased risk for sudden infant death syndrome is one of them. According to estimates by the research Institute, approximately one million minors in Germany are exposed to tobacco smoke in the car.

Critics primarily see problems in the implementation and control of the project. Countries such as the UK, Italy, Greece, Austria or France have already introduced Smoking bans in cars when minors are along for the ride.

The Minister of health of the countries had already adopted it in last October for a nationwide ban on Smoking in cars in which minors and Pregnant women to ride. Because the Federal government has not complied with the requirements of the health Ministers conference, according to Carola Reimann, make the countries now pressure.

ADAC: the car is not public space

The ADAC pointed out that the car was a non-public room, the inmates should act self-responsible. “It goes without saying that you smoke when children are in the car,” said spokeswoman Alexandra Kruse. For the automotive club, it is questionable whether a law would improve the Situation. “We doubt it, because it is very difficult to control the situation effectively,” said Kruse.

The Ministry of health in Hanover does not share these concerns. The ban could be easier to control than, for example, when making Calls with the phone, it said. In the case of controls on the movement of the cigarette and the Smoke were clearly visible, and the smell when you Open the car noticeable.

The difficulty, in a rather private area of statutory conduct regulations to force changes, see also lung expert Barczok. On the other hand, he referred to it as bodily injury, if, for example, in front of children Smoking. “Would you let the concept of bodily injury for apply, need no special law, but would have to rely only on the existing regime,” says the specialist.

The proposal is to be presented in the countries of the chamber for the time being, only and then in the committees advise. The goal is that the Federal Council decides in a following session, a bill in the Bundestag to bring in with this deal.