13 years old, breast lumps

The girl comes with a age of unusual complaint, in the University hospital in Jeddah, saudi Arabia: In her left breast, a node is grown, the hurts to the touch. The Doctors feel a solid structure, which measures at the longest point is about four inches. It is located centrally in the lower area of the breast.

The young patient has no fever, her skin is not inflamed, the nipple has changed in any Form. The right breast is unremarkable. Also the lymph nodes in the underarm area do not show any unusual change. The Doctors carry out further Tests, among other things, they examine the blood of the 13-Year-old – all the values are in the normal range.

However, the medical history of the girl is remarkable: two years Ago she was to undergo heart surgery, she needed due to a rheumatic fever, two new heart valves. The intervention took place in the clinic, that he visits now and again, reports from the Doctors to Wafaa Ghazali in the “Journal of Medical Case Reports”.

In the ultrasound the physician to see the nodes more precisely: the change is there appears to be a Tumor is unlikely, but not completely ruled out. Probably the node but the result of an infection and subsequent inflammation.

Ten days of antibiotics, no improvement

With a needle, the Doctors fluid from the Structure to try to suck, but you can hardly see anything. Together with a tissue sample of the fluid to a lab to be examined. Bacteria of the species Staphylococcus aureus can be detected. Also, it shows that many are immune-infiltrated cells in the tissue, indicating an inflammation.

The patient receives two antibiotics that she is taking the next ten days. However, the node does not disappear.

It is a Tumor? Then it is likely to be what is called a fibroadenoma, a benign tumor. Malignant tumors of the breast occur in children and adolescents is extremely rare.

Now a SURGERY is necessary

The Doctors opt for surgery. Through an incision around the nipple you want to remove the tumor. During the SURGERY you will quickly realize that you don’t have to do it with a fibroadenoma to. In the structure of a part is encapsulated as a cyst. This fluid-filled cavity seems to be glued to the underlying rib. When the Doctors open the cyst, actually occurs fluid from the turbid, which is immediately sent for Tests to the lab.

But that’s not all, what have the doctors. In the cyst, a long, thin metal wire that moves synchronously with the heart beat of the girl’s.

The Doctors immediately contact a cardiac surgeon for SURGERY. Can explain what it is in the Fund – a so-called temporary pacemaker electrode. Such wires can be used in open-heart surgery are used, including the Use of the heart is one flap, that took place in the patient a couple of years ago. The wires are attached during surgery on the heart surface and go out from there, through the chest out of the body, where you to an external pacemaker to be connected.

This measure after surgery to frequently occurring cardiac arrhythmia in the days after the operation, quickly under control. The pacemaker is no longer needed, pulled the wires, mostly from the outside. In some cases, but surgical caps only, resulting in a residual at the heart attached to remains in the body. This in most cases leads to complications – sometimes however, as in the case of the girl in Saudi Arabia.

The wire is removed. The youth is recovering after the surgery. You can still leave on the same day, the clinic, and the following control dates, she has no more complaints.