This Major Hot Wheels Sale at Walmart Is Here to Save Your Sanity

If one thing is certain, your kids are probably driving you crazy right now, and that’s totally normal! Chances are, they’ve played with every toy they have and are ready for something new to excite them. Luckily for all at-home parents around the world right now, we just discovered that our friends at Walmart are having a super sale on Hot Wheels that we can guarantee is going to save your sanity and buy you some more time for an uninterrupted work-from-home flow or time to simply relax.

From essential car starter packs to out-of-this-world racetracks that might be just as tall as them, these exciting toys will ensure you can get that valuable time back while you’re stuck with the entire family at home. There’s even a Toy Story themed kit that’s sure to make their eyes light up! Best of all, you can drop these in your virtual cart and have them delivered straight to your door. Here are our top picks from Walmart’s Hot Wheels sale that will keep them occupied for hours so you can get back to working from home in peace, taking some much-needed you time (might we suggest some meditation?), or getting things done around the house. You’ll thank us later!

This powerful (don’t worry, not too powerful) booster, launches cars up to 900-MPH (at scale), and the smart ID feature tracks car speed, laps, and every other milestone so your kid can go back and be proud of their accomplishments.

Get your aspiring race car driver the ultimate starter kit with this 30-car case, which comes creatively packaged in a car wheel itself. 


Hot Wheels 30 Car Case


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This game will keep your little one on their toes for hours and help them practice timing and strategy skills along the way. Two monster trucks will battle it out along with a hungry shark, so the name of the game is to avoid becoming shark bait!

In this problem-solving game, your child will help Buzz Lightyear save his friends, Ducky and Bunny, from being stuck in carnival prizes. One of the obstacles in this fun challenge is making sure Buzz doesn’t land in the wrong bullseye ring, or else he’ll become the prize!

This classic Hot Wheels track features a thrilling zig-zag pattern to keep them hooked for hours. To keep them interested longer (and buy you more time), you can also add an additional track for an extended race. The best part for you is that this toy comes with a storage box to hold all the cars, so clean up will be a breeze.

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