Safe Tie Dye Kits for Kids That Will Keep Them Busy Creating All Day

Tie dye’s having a major rebirth right now that it’d be unusual not to come across it somehow while going through social media or reading the latest from DIY bloggers. However, this isn’t something that just the pro crafters are doing now — adults and kids are taking up the popular 70s craft again and giving it a modern refresh. Nothing’s out of the question to tie dye these days: socks, scrunchies, matching sets — everything is fair game so prepare to get your world soaked in some color. When it comes to kids, there are some safe tie dye kits for kids that will ensure the mess stays in one place so you don’t have to deal with a colorful aftermath on your floors.

While hearing the words tie dye might give you a heart attack when you imagine your kids getting dye all around the house, these tie dye kits for kids manage the mess better than ever so all you have to do is pick up the plastic tarp and dump it in the trash. It’s definitely a good idea to supervise the kids though as there’s a good chance they’ll get outside the lines of the tarp. So if your kids are begging to get in on the tie dye action (we don’t blame them), then you can take a deep breath knowing it’s going to be good, clean fun. Below, we’ve rounded up the best tie dye kits for kids to keep them busy and get those creative gears turning.

1. SEI Tumble Dye

If you just want to test the waters and start small, this three-pack tie dye kit for kids will ease you into things nicely. The colors are non-toxic, so you won’t have to worry about any harsh chemicals around your kids. They’re also water-based, so if a bit were to get on the walls in the house, it wouldn’t be the end of the world (but we recommend doing this outside to be safe). Unlike squirt bottles, this spray version eliminates a few steps since they’re ready to use out of the box.

That way, you don’t have to wear gloves unless you want to be extra careful.

2. Tulip One Step Kit

For kids wanting to do the more traditional tie dye process, this large and easy tie dye kit for kids will make it a cinch. With 18 easy-to-squeeze bottles, kids of almost any age will be able to tackle this fun craft. They’ll be able to whip up to about 36 projects, so that means endless fun for them and more time for you to get things done too. This complete kit includes instructions so they can start dying right out of the box and features eight styles they can follow. The dyes are machine-wash safe and will last through multiple washings.

Whether you need a day craft to fight boredom or a team bonding activity, this will be a foolproof option.

3. Vanstek DIY Kit

For kids who are color obsessed, they’ll go crazy for this pack of 24 colors. It includes everything you need to get them started (and keep their hands and your house protected). In addition to the plentiful colors, you’ll also get plastic gloves, rubber bands, and table covers to keep everything contained. The step-by-step guide makes it a breeze to whip up cool creations that they’ll proudly wear. Note that natural fabrics like cotton, wool, and rayon work best and absorb these dyes best.

Best of all, these dyes are non-toxic so you can have peace of mind while they’re having fun.

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