Kris Jenner Posted Touching Throwback Footage of Baby Kardashians & We're Actually Getting Misty-Eyed

Kris Jenner shared a very special birthday tribute to her late ex-husband, Robert Kardashian, and we are honestly getting emotional. The media personality shared a video on Instagram that included rare footage of Robert with Kourtney, Kim, Khloe, and Rob Kardashian, that was set to the song “Dance with My Father” by Luther Vandross.

“Happy Heavenly Birthday Robert 🙏❤️,” she captioned the post. 

Robert passed away in the fall of 2003 after a 2-month battle with esophageal cancer. He would have been 79 years old today.

“This is Kourtney’s first locket,” he says in the opening video with his firstborn.

Kourtney turns to the camera to say, “First locket from her daddy.”

The video goes on to show intimate moments between Robert — who was made famous for being O.J. Simpson’s defense attorney in 1995 — and his four kids. In a montage of sweet home videos, the family is often seen spending time in their pool.

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“Kourtney’s taking her family out to dinner tonight,” he says, holding the infant by the pool. “Aren’t you?”

We also see the family playing tennis, dancing around the house, and celebrating St. Patrick’s Day and other family events. He speaks lovingly to Khloe, who said in 2019 that she talks to her daughter about her late father every night. She was 19 when her father died. We even see a teenage Kim — who was 23 when her father passed — having a blindfold taken off her eyes, and her excited reaction makes us guess she was being given her first car. Throughout the video, Robert cheers his kids on.

“There’s Robert,” he says, speaking to his newborn son, Rob. “There’s Robert, look at how beautiful he looks.”

“💙💙🫂,” Rob — who was 16 when his father died —commented on his mother’s post.

Then, when Rob is older and wearing a suit and tie, Robert says, “Look at this guy! Holy cow! There goes Bruce Springsteen.”

In one of the closing clips, Robert speaks directly to the camera in an unbelievably heart-melting moment: “I’m thankful for my children,” he said. “My wonderful children.”

“Someone’s cuttin ONIONS!” a follower commented.

Abso-freakin-lutely! They’re chopping them over here too. Commenters went on and on about how special and emotional these moments were, and how nice it was for Kris to share them with the world.

“This got me! Robert really was a family man,” another follower said.

Musician Travis Barker, who has been married for almost a year now to Kourtney Kardashian (who was 24 when Robert passed), commented, “🕊️🙏🏼.”

In April 2020, Kim Kardashian West honored her late father in a post marking the 1-year anniversary of the opening of the UCLA Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health.

“More than ever we are thinking about the medical staff on the front lines during this pandemic and thankful for everyone who risks their lives each day for others,” she wrote. “This month is also an important time for us as we remember our father and shine a light on Esophageal Cancer Awareness Month. We’d like to thank the dedicated staff of skilled doctors and nurses that work at the UCLA Robert G. Kardashian Center for Esophageal Health.‬”

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