Kate Gosselin: My Kids 'Are So Supportive' of My Dating

Kate Gosselin’s brood has her back! The reality star said that her children feel good about their mom getting back into the dating world.

“My kids are so supportive,” the Kate Plus Date star, 44, told Extra on Tuesday, June 11. “They keep saying, ‘Do something for yourself, you’ve done everything for us.’”

As for the TLC personality, who split from Jon Gosselin in 2009, she wasn’t so sure at first. “[I was] scared to death,” she said. “The last time I dated, I had a pager. To go through a really painful divorce and have that all unfold led me to do the safe thing, which was just be me, mainly because I didn’t want my kids to have to go through that again. I have to get it right — the stakes are really high.”

The Pennsylvania native is documenting her dating experiences on TLC’s Kate Plus Date, and she opened up about why that felt like the best decision for her.

“I do a lot on TV,” Kate said. “It felt safer because kind of Internet dating is, to me, a little creepy. With my crew, which is basically all guys… to surround myself with them, it makes me feel safer.”

The Jon and Kate Plus 8 alum, who welcomed twins Mady and Cara, now 18, in 2000, followed by sextuplets Leah, Joel, Collin, Hannah, Aaden and Alexis, now 15, four years later, added: “Mady and Cara are going to college and my little kids are going to high school and pretty soon I am going to be alone, just me and the dogs. It was kind of now or never.”

Her ex-husband, 42, reacted to news of Kate’s dating show in May, telling HLN TV, “To each [their] own. Whatever keeps the lights on. … If she chooses to do that, she chooses to do it.”

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