Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Sits in Her ‘Pretty Chair’ on the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve

Growing up in the Australia Zoo, Bindi Irwin’s 17-month-old daughter seems so comfortable in nature. And in a new video, the toddler looks totally at home while relaxing in a tiny camping chair at the Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve, which her mom calls Grace’s “pretty chair.” Her laidback posture and content expression in her pretty chair make her seem so grown up, and it’s adorable!

“Grace, is that your pretty chair?” Bindi asks Grace in the video posted to Instagram yesterday. “I love it, it’s so beautiful!”

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Grace, whom Bindi shares with husband Chandler Powell, is wearing a light pink outfit as she relaxes in her Grace-sized spot. There’s a pond and trees in the background, and Grace looks totally blissful as she sits in the chair holding a yellow cup. When she turns her head, you can even see her dark brown curls, which are getting so long! At the end of the video, Grace starts kicking her feet and smiling, just enjoying her day with her mom.

The Crikey! It’s The Irwins star captioned the photo, “Loves her camping chair on The Steve Irwin Wildlife Reserve.” Named after Bindi’s dad (and Grace’s Grandpa Crocodile), Steve Irwin, this wildlife reserve is filled with rainforests, wetlands, and savannas set aside as “a tribute to the conservation work of Steve Irwin and a place for scientific research and discovery,” according to its website.

When she wasn’t busy relaxing in her chair, she was working hard to spot koalas with her dad.

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“It’s a big job spotting koalas @australiazoo, but someone’s gotta do it!🐨” Powell captioned a video on Instagram yesterday. He’s holding Grace (who is holding the same yellow cup) as they spot a koala hanging out in the trees above their heads.

“See the koala? Where’s the koala?” Powell asks, as Grace turns her head and points right at the animal. “Good spotting,” he adds, as Grace smiles.

She is so cute! She seems like she’s soaking up so much information and questions, we know she’ll have a lot to say when she starts talking!

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