Bindi Irwin Shares the Cutest Video of Her ‘Sunshine’ Daughter Grace

Is there anything better than baby giggles? Bindi Irwin wanted to bring a little joy to her fans this morning, so she shared the cutest video of her 17-month-old daughter Grace Warrior — and, well, mission accomplished! This mashup of a giggling, toddling, exploring Grace will definitely make you smile.

“Our daughter is sunshine and lights up our lives,” the Australia Zoo conservationist, who shares Grace with husband Chandler Powell, wrote on Instagram today. “Hope this video brings your day an extra smile. (The puddle splashing is the CUTEST) 💛.”

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The video starts with a shot of Grace walking toward the camera, bundled up in her favorite color of pink, just giggling. This girl always seems so happy! Next, it shows her riding on her dad’s lap down a slide at the playground, watching birds at the beach, and knocking over a tower of stones in the sand. She is so focused on everything she does — it’s adorable!

One of the sweetest parts is when she walks in the sand next to her dad, admiring the little footprints she’s making in the sand. She also walks with birds, walks down steps with her dad, and goes across a bridge with her mom, her grandma Terri Irwin (or “Bunny” as she’s known to Grace!), and her uncle Robert Irwin. Her outfits are always a mix of pink, which is very cute.

Wait to the end to see the cutest moment of all — Grace dressed in a full-body, pink rainsuit, lightly tapping her tiny pink boots in shallow puddles. Our hearts are melting!

“Thanks for sharing. It’s fun to watch her slowly grow into a wildlife warrior,” one person commented.

“She is too cute and her little giggle❤️🥰,” another wrote. Someone else commented, “Those little tip taps in the puddle….. 😍😍”

Save this video montage of Grace to watch whenever you need a little dose of cuteness in your day.

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