Woman who shed half her bodyweight left with swollen stomach after tummy tuck

She joined a gym and began to work out five days a week, and swapped her unhealthy food habits for home-made meals.

Tiffany shrunk down to a healthy 9st 11lb, but her weight loss left her with excess skin. In February 2019 she decided to get the sagging skin removed through a tummy tuck.

Unfortunately the surgery left her with a swollen tummy that has made her feel even more insecure.

She’s immensely proud of her weight loss journey, but isn’t pleased with the results of her tummy tuck.

Tiffany has been told the swelling will go down in time, but is sharing photos of the results to prepare other people for the reality of the serious surgery.

‘I had my tummy tuck on February 18, 2019,’ says Tiffany. ‘I wish I could tell you I feel better but as of now, I don’t. My body didn’t take the surgery well and I’m extremely swollen.

‘I would trade the loose skin for a giant bulge in my belly. I’m not happy right now with my decision but I’m hoping as the months go by, it will get better.

‘I’m a unicorn apparently. What’s happening with my swelling is not the norm, but my life doesn’t like to go as planned always.’

Despite the surgery going wrong, Tiffany feels much better about her body than before her weight loss.

She says: ‘I am so happy that I made the decision to fight for me. You have to be selfish sometimes to take proper care of yourself and I think as a parent that can be so hard when your focus is your children.

‘I had to tell myself that I can’t put 100% of my energy on my children, I have to put some on myself so I can do a better job as a parent.

‘I went gluten free, stopped eating cheese, stopped drinking cream in my office and mostly dairy free. I pay attention to my sodium intake and watch the ingredients in my food.

‘I would say at some points you just want it to be over with, you want to just throw the towel in and say forget it.

‘You want to be able to just eat whatever you want but it’s realising that that’s not how it works. In order to have the body you want; you have to eat for that body.

‘Just eating whatever you want all the time is not going to get you there.

You need self-control and discipline, but it’s so hard sometimes.

‘People say I look like a completely different person. It’s funny because people constantly comment on my photos saying, ‘not the same person’. I’ve started to take it as a compliment.

‘You have to just jump in. There’s no magic time, jump in. Make a separate weight loss Instagram account and flood it with motivational accounts of people who are on the same journey as you. This was huge for me.’

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