Tea tree oil for pimples

The essential tea tree oil is antibacterial. Therefore, it can help against pimples, acne and impure skin. Applied incorrectly and in poor quality, it does, however, involve risks. FOCUS Online gives you tips on the proper use of tea tree oil.

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Tea tree oil is extracted from the Australian tea tree. Australia’s native inhabitants, the Aborigines, have used it as a remedy. By the botanist Joseph Banks, who came with the British Explorer James Cook around 1770 to Australia, managed the tea tree oil to Europe. First of all, the British used the fragrant leaves of the tea tree, for the preparation of aromatic teas . However, Banks observed the Aborigines told a decoction of the leaves of the tea tree for the healing of various skin problems. So, the British discovered that tea tree oil can be used for the treatment of skin diseases of all kinds.

By steam distillation of the leaves and the bark of the tea tree, gives you a fresh fragrance Oil: the tea tree oil. A ton of plant material provides for a three-hour distillation process, approximately ten litres of tea tree oil. Due to the anti-septic and anti-bacterial effect, it is can now be found in many cosmetic products. Especially people with blemished and oily skin can benefit from the positive effects of the tea tree oil. It is very gentle to the tissues, which can be used against pimples of advantage.

With tea tree oil against pus pimples

A study from the year 2010, which was published in the “Journal of the German Dermatological society,” confirmed that the application of tea tree oil on the acne has a positive effect. The antibacterial effect of tea tree oil destroys acne bacteria on the skin. Therefore, the disinfectant can pimples have Oil especially in the case of Pus, a positive effect.

The oilier the skin is, the more likely pimples can arise. By the application of tea tree oil, can be dried to the corresponding parts of the skin is light. The pimples can be deprived of the necessary Foundation of sebum and skin fat.