Slimming with fasting or intermittent fasting: How healthy can be fast?

Fasting, base fasting, intermittent fasting: Unsuitable as a diet but good for the health
Anyone who is suffering from high blood pressure or Diabetes, can mitigate his disease, or even cure. For losing weight fasting is, however, hardly, because after the end of the fasting cure is usually the original weight is quickly back on. Experts from the German nutrition society (DGE) explain how fasting works and what to look out for.

The one who fasts voluntarily in whole or in part to food. In the context of a diet deal almost the end of often with your body, your health and your diet. Therefore, it can be preparing to start a health-promoting diet.

Fasting is not suitable as a diet and does not result in temporary to long-term weight loss. Unless that changes almost by the end of his life style. Depending on the Fastenart even a balanced nutrient intake can be compromised, so the German nutrition society (DGE). Seniors, Pregnant women, lactating women, adolescents or children should avoid fasting altogether. The same is true for people with certain illnesses such as eating disorders, or liver and kidney diseases. Far as the healing, are widely used in this country, bases, and interval fasting.


Fasting has a thousand year old Tradition and aims to cleanse the body, mind and soul. It is applied both to health prevention, as well as in the treatment of certain diseases. Fasting should be done under medical supervision. A therapeutic fasting typically lasts 7-10 days. In addition, an orientation day should be scheduled with approximately 1,000 kcal/day, including a waiver of caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, as well as after fasting three days for the normalization of Eating behavior. During the fasting days, only a very small amount of energy of max is the body. 500 kcal/day in Form of liquid food is fed.

Beneficial effects of therapeutic fasting are proven in the case of certain diseases, such as Metabolic syndrome, chronic inflammation, or psychosomatic diseases scientifically. Healthy people can make use of this Fastenart as an entry in a weight loss; for permanent weight loss but it is unsuitable.

Base fasting

By base fasting is to the body is deacidified to be a method that is frequently used in alternative medicine is applied. Base almost the end of only eating food that are considered to be basic may, like vegetables, fruit, and some nuts and high-quality Linseed, olive or canola oil. As the beverage’s source of water and diluted teas are available. Scientific evidence for the effect of this fast method is missing, however: Neither the existence of slag is detected in the body, nor the assumption that acid interfere with the end of food the acid-base balance of the body.

Because essential nutrients could be supplied in quantities that are too small, and discourages the DGE of a long-term base fast.

Interval fasting

means days or to refrain from by the hour to food. There are different concepts with two consecutive fast days, or two specified days per week or alternating fasting. Recommendations on what food should be selected on the remaining days, the almost usually end up in vain. Interval fasting as a steady diet applied and, in General, wants to reduce the nearly the end so long term weight. The interval various health be attributed to the fast-enhancing effects on the metabolism.

Scientific studies on the long-term effects of the interval are not fasting. Previous data suggest a positive effect on health and weight loss. The DGE holds a interval of fasting, does not make sense to regulate weight in the long term, since specific recommendations for food selection are missing. A change in Diet to a nutritionally favorable food selection does not take place in the rule.

Buchinger Therapeutic Fasting

A study on the effect of the Buchinger therapeutic fasting was able to show that the method is safe and therapeutically effective. It also promotes the emotional and physical well-being. In the course of the research work showed that the fat tissue of the human body was mobilized. The metabolism off the fat of glucose and ketone – consumption, whereby a number of positive effects were caused. The metabolic conversion has been documented in the study by the permanent presence of ketone bodies in the urine. Fasting led to a significant weight loss, reduced waist circumference and reduced cholesterol and blood fat values.

Furthermore, the fasting normalized the blood pressure of nearly and improved diabetic parameters such as blood glucose and HbA1c, as a result, many factors have been improved, which contribute to cardiovascular health.

In addition, serious health complaints, such as Arthritis, type 2 Diabetes and fatty liver, and hypercholesterolemia, high blood pressure and exhaustion are improved during fasting in 84% of cases.
93% of the subjects felt during the fast, no Hunger, what contributed to your emotional and physical well-being. (sb)