Say goodbye to hangovers with these foods

These regular kitchen items will help you say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling in no time.

Okay, so last night was rough. You were partying and lost track of time, your head hurts and the nagging feeling will not go away. And neither will the painful hangover that decided to stay with you.

Worry not. The cure for hangover is easier than you believed. These regular kitchen items will help you say goodbye to the unpleasant feeling in no time.


Start your day with water. It has the potential to detox your body. Alcohol is known to increase the production of urine. More urine means more loss of body fluids leading to dehydration. Having water replenishes lost fluids and gives the body the momentum to keep going.


Move on to a banana. Rich in potassium, an electrolyte, bananas can replenish your body’s stores of energy.


While you’re scouting the kitchen, have a watermelon if you can. All alcohol does is basically dehydrate the body. A watermelon can increase your blood flow. High on water content, it will help you rehydrate as well.

Chicken noodle soup

Those afflicted with the common cold will swear by this. But having chicken noodle soup will do you good for hangovers as well. With a high sodium content, this concoction is likely to help you rehydrate.


Alcohol causes inflammation and blueberries are known to fight it. Thus, this could be your go-to food if you’re feeling sick and squeamish.


Honey has a high fructose content, which can improve hangover symptoms. Fructose is known to rid the body of alcohol quickly.

Other foods

There are several other foods that you can incorporate in your diet to fight hangovers. Some of them are eggs, pickles, spinach, avocado, oatmeal, oranges, sweet potatoes and ginger.

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