Public warning: sexual enhancer “battering RAM” can have deadly effect

Health problems: experts warn about potency of the “battering RAM”

The government Presidium of Tübingen, warns of the potency of the “battering RAM”. The intake of the product can lead to significant health problems and in the worst case, have a lethal effect.

Dangerous Potency

The government Presidium of Tübingen, warns prior to taking the virility by means of the “battering RAM”. “The taking of the Agent can lead to significant health problems and in the worst case, have lethal effect,” – said in a statement. People who have purchased this product or received, will be asked to dispose of it with household waste.

A authority warns of the potency „Rammbock“. The product can have in the worst case, a fatal effect. (Image: sasinparaksa/

Contains the Viagra active ingredient

The government Bureau that was and the product is marketed, among other things, on the Internet trading and betting offices, as a purely, of course, referred to a dietary Supplement.

A description on the Internet, according to a battering RAM, “” a large part of glucose syrup, honey, Pollen and various spices.

The improved blood flow to the male member to go back on the herbal remedy Ginkgo.

However, the agent “contains, contrary to the stated content of the active ingredient “Sildenafil”, which is used for the treatment of erectile dysfunction in men and may only be made after prior medical prescription is taken,” says the Bureau.

“The active ingredient “Sildenafil” was also found in an increased dosage.”

It is assumed that the distribution in the whole of Germany.

Serious side effects are possible

Sildenafil was originally developed to treat high blood pressure. However, later it was found that it is erection-promoting.

Therefore, the active ingredient, which is known to many under the trade name Viagra is applied today, especially in the therapy of erectile disorders such as erectile dysfunction.

According to health experts, ingestion of the composition, particularly at high doses – with serious side effects up to heart failure. Men with heart, liver or kidney disease are especially at risk.

Experts suggest that Sildenafil is not without a thorough examination of the cardiovascular system. For self-treatment, the active substance is not suitable.

Cause necessarily medically clarify

Sexual enhancer recipe in Germany are already subject to. That is, first, a doctor must be consulted who can prescribe the drug if necessary.

And this is also very useful – after all, impotence problems can have various causes and with other health problems go hand in hand.

“As a erectile dysfunction may be the consequence of a previously undetected, serious illness, should be carried out before the initiation of treatment, a thorough medical examination,” the “urologists portal” of the German society for urology (DGU).

According to the experts erection can occur either without apparent cause or as a result of another disorder, such as a sugar disease (Diabetes mellitus), vascular disease (atherosclerosis), a disease of the nerves (polyneuropathy) or high blood pressure.

“In addition, erectile dysfunction can occur as a result of the intake of different medications (for hypertension, antidepressants, etc.).”

Of erectile dysfunction are often also known as a result of injuries (e.g. pelvic fracture) or surgery, such as, for example, in the case of prostate cancer.

“Prior to the initiation of a therapy, a thorough preliminary examination of the affected man should be made to the causes and risk factors more precisely and, if necessary, treat the judge of that. This is to diseases result, such as a heart attack, to prevent,“ said the urologist. (ad)