Nine foods to lose weight

Table of contents

  • Foods that help you lose weight
  • Nine foods that slim make
  • 1. Whole-grain products to Remove
  • 2. Konjac pasta for The basic pasta without the calories
  • 3. Psyllium to lose weight
  • 4. Organic eggs for losing weight
  • 5. Legumes for losing weight
  • 6. Almonds to lose weight – The healthy Snack that makes you slim
  • 7. Saffron for losing weight and in a good mood
  • 8. Korean pine nuts for losing weight
  • 9. Coconut oil for losing weight
  • For more tips for weight loss you can find here:

Foods that help you lose weight

People have long known that the usual diets are neither healthy nor their results permanently. You know, of course, that a change in Diet would be a base excess, and natural diet is the Best – not only for the slim line, but also for the health.

If it were not for the time constraints, it would be the daily hustle and bustle, the not available shopping sources for fresh food, and all the other excuses that come to mind is, why now a change in Diet is impossible.

You are one of those people who would like to become a permanently slim, but at the same time just not have the nerve for a complete and permanent change in Diet?

Then you move the Diet later, and concentrate initially on the following nine foods and incorporate them regularly in your daily diet.

You will see: The success will not keep you waiting long!

Nine foods that slim make

The following nine foods all have the appropriate properties to help you in a healthy way while losing weight:

  • They saturate very well.
  • You prevent Cravings.
  • You regulate blood sugar levels.
  • They curb the appetite.
  • You can even improve the mood.
  • And what is the most Important: they taste!

In short: The best food for losing weight provide you with everything you need in times of weight loss to be successful and happy slimming.

1. Whole-grain products to Remove

Before we get to the really exciting food that help with weight loss can, first of all, the tried and true whole-grain products, which in comparison to white flour products – thanks to their abundant fiber, the satiety feeling significantly promote.

White flour consists of isolated carbohydrates. The body can absorb quickly, digest, and shortly thereafter, he reports again hungry, even though he has only just added it a lot of calories.

Whole grain products consist mainly of complex carbohydrates. In order to digest them, the gastro-intestinal tract for much longer. In this way, the feeling of satiety does not only lasts longer, the blood sugar level also remains substantially constant.

Of course, this was long ago scientifically proven, for example, of Swedish researchers from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala and the Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

The study of 41 normal-weight adults, according to a meal keeps me more full longer, the greater your whole-grain share. Thus, the calorie intake in the subsequent meal is reduced.

Interestingly, this satiating effect was especially strong when the test persons had consumed only a total of a small whole-grain-containing meal.

Often found in whole-grain products at the same time, a special dietary fiber called Beta-glucans (especially barley and oats).

Beta-glucans inhibit the feeling of Hunger very well what canadian and Australian researchers in a study of fourteen adult verified.

The calorie intake at the following meal could be reduced to about 100 kilo-calories when the test persons previously Beta-glucans shots, because this promoted the distribution of Cholecystokinin – a hormone that inhibits the appetite feeling.

Beta-glucans can be easily incorporated with Activated barley (Activated Barley). Do not stir just a little barley on your soup – what only help you lose weight, but also very delicious.

2. Konjac pasta for The basic pasta without the calories

Konjac noodles are made from the konjac root, an Asian root vegetable.

One Serving of Konjac noodles contains just ten calories are cucumbers have less calories than the same amount of salad.

Normal noodles provide the five ten times the amount of calories.

Konjac is not only in noodle, but also in the form of powder or capsules. If you do not noodles, so every day want to eat, then you take Konjac just as a capsule or stir the powder into your daily Shake or Smoothie.

Konjac is not only carbohydrate, and virtually calorie-free. Konjac can also increase massively the feeling of satiety and binds additional fat in the digestive system – what is it calories of other meals, can compensate.

3. Psyllium to lose weight

In the same way as Konjac also the shells of the psyllium seed help you lose weight: they fill you up, contain, but hardly any calories.

At the same time the rain flea seed bowls to slow digestion, but seem to be just as healing to diarrhea and rehabilitate moreover, the intestine. Therefore, psyllium seed shells, also known by its Latin name Psyllium – often part of colon cleansing programmes.

Such as psyllium husks to fight the Deadly Quartet, we have explained in detail here: With psyllium seed against the Deadly Quartet.

With the “Deadly Quartet” is meant the so-called Metabolic syndrome, which describes the four most widely used civilization ailments: Obesity, hypertension, high blood fat and high blood sugar.

Psyllium husks can easily a lot of with very(!) Water for about 15 – 30 minutes prior to a meal.

You will see that you can then only eat half of it.

4. Organic eggs for losing weight

Of course, conventionally produced eggs should always be avoided. Organic eggs may, however, come quite to a base-excess diet.

Eggs not only provide with natural proteins and abundant in minerals and trace elements – they also make exceptionally well fed.

From studies, we know the clear: A meal that includes eggs, makes significantly better fed than other meals, which are prepared without eggs.

The thirty participants of a scientific study from the year 2005 began after a eihaltigen Breakfast compared to Breakfast without the Egg (where both types of breakfasts provided the same number of calories) at the next lunch to 200 calories less.

The appetite inhibitory effect of eggs was related not only to the following lunch, but stopped for 36 hours, so a day and a half.

5. Legumes for losing weight

A similar effect of legumes such as beans and peas. This was demonstrated in a Meta-analysis by canadian researchers, the results of various scientific studies compared to each other.

It turned out that the consumption of legumes increased the feeling of satiety to a third. No wonder rose test subjects after a meal of legumes a much longer interval until the next meal than people who ate no legumes.

6. Almonds to lose weight – The healthy Snack that makes you slim

Almonds are a good 500 calories per 100 g, of course, quite rich in calories. Nevertheless, a Snack of almonds does NOT lead – in contrast to chocolate bars, cookies, and other unhealthy between meals to gain weight.

If you get between two meals Hunger, you should rely better on almonds than on the above-mentioned confectionery.

This rates the Australian and US researchers of a study not only proved that almonds had, in spite of high in Calories, no weight gain.

They also brought to light that almonds can stimulate the metabolism of the test subjects – which is, of course, in the case of a diet, the A’s and O’s.

Even if you eat almonds instead of whole grain products (in each case, the same amount of calories), then it decreases with almonds much better – as well as a study with 65 Overweight. They ate almonds a day 84 grams, or whole-grain products with the same calorie content.

After half a year, the almond group lost 62% more weight than the whole-grain group.

Further studies showed, moreover, that almonds affect the bone density and cholesterol levels positively.

7. Saffron for losing weight and in a good mood

Appetite created not in an empty stomach, but in the head. So it is that Stress and bad mood are often the reason that we increased the appetite for high-calorie Snacks.

Women in particular are affected by this phenomenon. Some rely on harmful drugs, the appetite to act zügelnd.

This is not necessary, as the results of a scientific study out of France documents. Study participants with mild Obesity reported a significant decrease in appetite for Snacks, if you took a day of saffron extract.

The researchers explain that the extract improved the mood of the test persons and the need for unhealthy snacks in between meals could contain. In this way, the saffron led extract to reduce body weight.

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8. Korean pine nuts for losing weight

Also Korean pine nuts inhibit appetite. This is a Dutch study showed to eighteen overweight women. Up to four hours after consumption of Korean pine nuts, the researchers were able increased satiety hormones in the blood of the participants.

The polyunsaturated fatty acids from the pine nuts reduced the appetite of the test subjects by about a third.

It must, however, be seeds of Korean pine, as the study showed. Polyunsaturated fatty acids from olive oil had no influence on the hormone household.

9. Coconut oil for losing weight

Coconut oil is pushed from the body like other fats in the fat stores, but, similar to carbohydrates – used for energy production.

The body wanted to create the coconut oil in the grease reservoir (into fatty tissue), he would have to convert it first into storage fat. The organism is therefore preferred to treat the coconut oil rather than carbohydrates and to burn.

The big advantage here is that coconut oil maintain, of course, how to do it carbohydrates the blood sugar level raises and therefore also not to Cravings.

In contrast to the Omega-6 fatty acids, which are, for example, contain in sunflower-seed or safflower oil is very plentiful and metabolism chokes, activates the coconut oil, the metabolism – which in turn is ideal when it comes to losing weight.

Coconut oil fits particularly well in the hot kitchen. It can be heated and, therefore, also for Frying and deep-frying are used.

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