Mysterious illness: 28-Year-old looks like 70 and shows openly

What is the “Ehlers-Danlos syndrome”?

The hereditary disease is reflected in strong overly stretched skin and excess aligned joints. Caused the symptoms due to a congenital disorder of the connective tissue, with the often intense pain associated. Other symptoms such as a permanent Matte, joint pain, or digestive problems can affect the lives of those Affected also strong. While many of them have no visible signs of the disease, are formed in some of the Affected large flaps of skin that make the skin look “old”.

For the young American Sara Geurts in Minnesota that means, among other things, that your skin will hang on the entire body cloth skin, the sagging. Your connective tissue-the necessary collagen, a structural protein that provides skin in youth for firm missing. Already at the age of six years, the disease broke out at the now 28-Year-old and first stretch marks showed on her skin. With ten years of the diagnosis of “Ehlers was finally-Danlos syndrome”, which marked a turning point in your life.

“I would like to that everyone can feel in his body”

Over the years, she had been tied to the bed and have nothing to eat, reported the young woman on her Instagram Account. In the network, the Model is quite open with her illness, always posting pictures from her life, whether in a Bikini by the Pool with support neck brace, or in the hospital, with a Bathrobe and medical devices.

Your Account, which stands for Body-Positivity (positive body image), to follow, in the meantime, more than 85,000 subscribers and also in the Model industry have ensured their images have already caused a stir, according to the British “Sun” . In an interview with “the Sun,” said the Model: “I would like to that everyone can feel good in his body – no matter what circumstances you are currently in.”

Diagnosis of the disease can often be difficult

The decision to publish your photos on the Internet, be arose mainly from the desire to make your disease to the attention: “it is as the ‘invisible disease’ and I am one of the few cases in which it manifests itself as visible. Therefore, many victims do not get proper treatment because the Doctors do not see, what to do with them is in order,“ said the young woman.

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Using donations and a soon-to-be move to the warmer Los Angeles would like to improve the Sara Geurts your state of health – to make in the future on the “invisible disease” and for a positive body image to advertise: “I am the way I am, and my illness is a part of me – but I’m not just my illness. And I love my body.“

This article was written by Corinna Heyde