My Day on a Plate: Angie Kent

TV personality Angie Kent, 29, shares her day on a plate.

Angie Kent.

8am I wake up and have a smoothie to calm my tummy. It includes ashwagandha powder, maca powder, cacao, turmeric, MCT oil, banana, some coconut milk crushed with ice and cinnamon on top!

10am A cup of tea with almond milk.

1.30pm I have my day herbs, then lunch of avocado and tuna on corn thins, with diced tomato and hummus.

3.30pm I snack on some vegetable chips.

6pm Being a coeliac vegetarian who eats fish occasionally can be a little challenging at times. I have a favourite Filipino dish of basa fish with a sauce of olive oil, shallots and ginger, with gluten-free soy poured over once the fish is cooked. I pair it with rice.

8pm A cheeky red wine.

10.30pm Compound powder and night-time herbs.

Dr Joanna McMillan says …

Top marks for … Following a largely vegetarian diet. Plant-based eating with
fewer animal foods is great for the health of our planet. The inclusion of fish
does make it easier to meet the requirements for some nutrients.

If you keep eating like this you’ll … Fall short on your fibre intake, as you don’t
have many fibre-rich plant foods. Herbs and powders don’t offer the same benefits
as whole plant foods such as wholegrains, legumes, vegies, fruit, nuts and seeds,
and you consumed less than the recommended daily amount of all of these.

Why don’t you try … Swapping the MCT oil and coconut milk in your smoothie
for nut butter and milk, and add other fruits such as berries. Include cooked
gluten-free wholegrains such as quinoa or black rice, or legumes in your lunch
salads. Choose nuts over vegetable chips and always include half a plate of
different vegies with dinner.

Angie Kent is The Bachelorette, airing Wednesdays and Thursdays at 7.30pm on Channel 10.

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