Mouth smell of garlic – What to do?

Table of contents

  • Halitosis after garlic consumption
  • Measures against the smell of garlic are out of consideration required
  • What can you do about bad breath after garlic?
    • Garlic stew
    • Whole cloves of garlic to use and remove
    • Eating apples? Mint leaves to chew? Green tea drink?
    • Brushing your teeth and chewing gum are not much use
    • Drink milk?
    • Lemon water to drink?
    • Baking soda, herbs and ginger

    Halitosis after garlic consumption

    Garlic and onions are very healthy and aromatize very wonderfully different recipes, but they – especially the garlic – leave the typical mouth odour, Garlic breath.

    The halitosis after garlic consumption – up to 24 hours, or lasts longer – is the result of the sulfur compound Allicin. It comes from the substance Alliin, if you cut the garlic, pressed or chews, so then, when the cells of garlic are destroyed. From Allicin, in turn, different evils arise then smelling substances, called diallyl disulfide, allylmethyl sulfide, Allylmercaptan and allylmethyl disulfide, which represent in their entirety the Garlic breath.

    However, these substances are not just inhaled, but also enter the blood and be disposed of via the pores of the skin. Whoever eats garlic, doesn’t smell from the mouth, but sautéed the garlic smell on the skin, which makes it all the more difficult to get rid of the smell.

    Measures against the smell of garlic are out of consideration required

    Now you might say, of course, that in many other countries, garlic consumption is perfectly normal, there is no one on smell, and we should take as just one example. What is like to be in a country, however normal, is not it, in the other a long time – and since garlic is, at least in our Latitudes, is clearly a matter of taste, you should take into account their fellow man.

    While there are people for whom the smell of garlic makes your opponent the Slightest, even if you have eaten garlic. But there are people where the garlic flag of another rule gives rights to Nausea. Therefore, are attached – if you can’t avoid garlic, in spite of social obligations – not necessarily measures that neutralize the garlic smell to a large extent.

    What can you do about bad breath after garlic?

    The extreme Garlic breath develops when the garlic is eaten raw. Raw garlic you should eat, therefore, really then, if you’re running in the next 24 to 48 hours, anyone about the path that has not bitten in the raw tuber.

    Garlic stew

    The garlic is steamed, fried, boiled, or otherwise heated, then the subsequent breath is reduced simply because compared to be eaten raw quite enormous.

    Whole cloves of garlic to use and remove

    You can also cook the whole cloves of garlic or roast, and you before eating from the Sauce (or another court). The food is flavoured, while the subsequent garlic odor of the breath.

    Also, the Dressing can be 30 to 60 minutes, all the garlic, pull cloves and prior to the preparation of the salad.

    Eating apples? Mint leaves to chew? Green tea drink?

    In a study from September 2016 and examined the effect of various foods on the garlic breath. The subjects took immediately after garlic consumption of water, raw Apple, cooked Apple, Apple juice, raw or cooked salad, mint leaves, juice from Mint leaves or green tea. Then you mass the content of the typical garlic substances in the breathing within the next hour.

    The raw Apple, raw salad and the mint leaves were able to reduce the garlic substances in the breathing. Probably the polyphenols (phytochemicals), the removal via an enzymatic reaction, the said substances from the breathing air. Apple juice and mint leaves juice were also effective but not as effective as the whole food. Interestingly, green tea in this study showed no effect.

    Possibly the latter is recommended again and again, therefore, against the Garlic breath, because he is suitable as a mouth rinse for prevention of dental caries and Plaque very well, and deduces from this the conclusion that he can in General, improve the breath. On a garlic flag of the green tea has confirmed, however, no particular influence, as well as the below presented study.

    Brushing your teeth and chewing gum are not much use

    The usual tips like water to the garlic eating drinking, brushing teeth and tongue cleaning is the use of against the smell of garlic, nothing. Also minzhaltige chewing gum, Minzdragees or strong flavored mouth washes may be superimposed on the smell, maybe in the first few minutes, however, before then immediately back to the garlic breath comes to the fore.

    Not even against the normal halitosis, the above-mentioned measures were able to align permanently something, such as a 2008 study showed. In this study, had proved to be, after all, green tea as helpful as the rest of the money (brushing teeth, chewing gum, etc.). He was able to reduce the content of sulfur-containing substances in the breathing better, but also only in the short term. After an hour after green tea consumption has no effect was observed.

    Of course, the green tea was also in the first hour of the odour substances only reduce, but not completely eliminate.

    Drink milk?

    In older studies, the bitter Kuding tea, plums, pears, mushrooms, and milk are called in addition to Apples, green tea,. Milk should be drunk directly to the garlic. Then – as it is – it would help the sulfur compounds of garlic can reduce. Whole milk was more effective than reduced-fat milk. Dairy products such as yogurt, cottage cheese, etc., should be similarly effective. In the process, the milk product is always a while in the mouth, in order to act optimally.

    This tip is of course beneficial only if the milk product fits to the respective court, and we actually want to drink milk products, eat and/or you can tolerate. Further, since it is assumed that components of the milk protein-active substances inhibit the action of some anti-oxidant, it might be that dairy products reduce the health properties of garlic, which is again unfavorable, if you want the garlic for health reasons, eat.

    Lemon water to drink?

    Lemon water (1 tablespoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice in 150 ml of water) is recommended in the fight against Garlic breath. The lemon water should unmmittelbar after a garlic-rich dish to drink.

    A variant is, the raw garlic before cooking, or Sauté in lemon juice, to insert and to use it only then. However, the lemon tips can mitigate garlic breath, according to experience, only slightly.

    Baking soda, herbs and ginger

    For more home remedies for bad breath after garlic consumption of soda, herbs and ginger.

    Baking soda is a natural Deodoriser. The material can absorb odors, apparently without the need to swallow of soda. A small spoon of the powder in a glass of water (150 ml), and makes a thorough mouth rinse.

    Certain herbs, such as mint leaves (see above), parsley, Basil, cardamom seeds and sage to conceal the smell for a short period of time. To be chewed best the fresh herbs and seeds. However, the garlic smell returns after a short time. You have to chew the herbs, therefore, virtually non-stop, in order to achieve a helpful effect.

    You chew a small ginger piece, then, will be mobilized by it, an enzyme in saliva that breaks down the onion or garlic odour relevant substances. The effectiveness depends on the extent of garlic consumption. You ate a lot of garlic, or perhaps of raw garlic, it is necessary to very many ginger pieces in order to achieve a sustainable effect.

    However, the smell from the mouth after garlic. As explained above, the odor of garlic from all of the skin pores. How could you prevent this Body odour?

    What can you do to prevent skin smell of garlic?

    Since the sulfur compounds of garlic in the blood, and only on the skin be made, there is a need to accelerate this process, by stimulating the sweat production.

    This is achieved through arduous sporting activities, a visit to the sauna (please, out of consideration for the other Saunier, only the private sauna use) or hot baths.

    How to remove garlic smell on the hands?

    The garlic smell is liable, often at the hands of the respective chef or the cook. There are different methods which are quite successful:

    Very simply, the use of the so-called Anti-odour soap, stainless steel, egg-shaped stainless steel piece that you simply used as is, as if it were a soap. The stainless steel neutralizes only garlic smells, but also fish or onion odors.

    You can wash your hands but also with a mixture of vinegar and warm water or hands with a mixture of salt and lemon juice RUB, and then rinse with water. Then dry hands should be Creamed or covered in-salt-lemon juice-mix a little olive oil.

    Also, coffee grounds or baking soda can be rubbed instead of soap in the hands, and immediately with lukewarm water and rinsed. Both neutralize bad smells.

    How to remove garlic smell out of rooms?

    Even the rooms smell like garlic, if using the spicy tuber was cooked, or if it was eaten there.

    Just as with the odor neutralization of the hands, can the same means in the spaces on the application. So you can set up, for example, beans to bowl with vinegar or baking soda or fresh ground coffee.

    Or boiling water with vinegar in the Ratio of at least 1 : 1 and let the vinegar water in small bowls to evaporate. It can be helpful, moreover, the one or other piece of furniture with the vinegar and water to wipe.

    Or you can use aroma lamps, especially with citrus scents.

    And if you decide, despite the prospect of a garlic flag of the healthy tuber does not scare you, you will find all the info on the garlic.

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