Maximum waiting time: the ambulance soon faster?

A Patient needs to be transported from a hospital to a specialist in another clinic. Long waiting times for the drivers are for the Sick often particularly unpleasant. However, there is a lack of Ambulances. The DRC wants the waiting times are now legally restricted.

The national Association of the German Red cross (DRK), calls for a legal framework for the waiting times of ambulance services. “The long waiting times are really hurting,” said a red cross spokesman of the “Stuttgarter Nachrichten”. The DRC wants to demand from the Ministry of the interior of a statutory maximum waiting time. Such a solution could be to oblige the insurance funds to provide more money for additional vehicles.

Excruciatingly long wait times

Although the insurance companies have determined that a waiting time for ambulance transport is reasonable, because the drivers of emergencies in between, can come, the have to be treated preferably. The DRC holds its drivers to keep the waiting times still as low as possible. “For an older patient in a wheelchair who must wait on a sterile hospital corridor on its transportation, it can be the time excruciatingly long. Also, we know!“, says a red cross information sheet for ambulance drivers.

Without statutory regulation to rescue organisations and private providers would have “a hard time at the box office,” said DRC spokesman. According to the report, waiting times for ambulance services will be extended because too few vehicles are in use. 721.000 inserts with the ambulance transport per year were to fall in the state of Baden-Württemberg.

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