Lower blood pressure: this is the Only sports affect high blood pressure

Sports in hypertension is as effective as beta-blockers or ACE-inhibitors

Sport is healthy – that is the majority of people are aware of. Certain sports can even achieve the same positive effects in the treatment of hypertension, as high blood pressure medicines. This found an international team of researchers recently in a study with 40,000 Participants.

Researchers from the London School of Economics and Political Science, and Stanford University in California have proven in the framework of a comprehensive Meta-analysis of 391 high blood pressure-studies show that regular walking, Swimming, Cycling, and simple strength training can achieve the same effects as beta-blockers or ACE-inhibitors. The results were recently published in the “British Journal of Sports Medicine”.

People Disease High Blood Pressure

Approximately every third adult in Germany suffers from high blood pressure. According to the German hypertension League, 20 to 30 million people are affected in this country. Hypertension is considered a risk factor for many heart diseases. To avoid this, you need a lot of people a day on drugs. But according to a recent study there are also other ways: A combination of endurance and strength training is an effective means for lowering blood pressure and can offer patients a good Alternative to the constant intake of drugs.

Naturally and effectively lower blood pressure

The team of researchers analyzed the results of 391 studies in which 39.700 people took part. In the process, they came to the conclusion that endurance training like Swimming, Cycling, walking, or Cycling, in combination with a simple strength training such as weight lifting or push-UPS as effective can lower blood pressure as conventional drugs for lowering blood pressure.

No one should be stopping powerful drugs

In particular, for patients who do not take like any medication regularly, could sports be the right remedy. The researchers emphasize, however, that no one should settle the power of his hypertension medication. Because the Sport applied exactly as in the case of the tablets: Only regularity can get the protection. Of course, the blood must be checked by printing in this method constantly.

Sports instead of pills?

“We are of the opinion that patients should stop because of the study, their blood pressure-lowering medication,” stressed study lead author Dr. Huseyin Naci, of the London School of Economics in an English press release. The results should rather serve to integrate Sport as a means to lower blood pressure stronger in the treatment. So the Sport could be, for example, prescribed by a doctor. This would then be control but also the adherence to, and impact on health. The only way patients could take Advantage of it.

Many people don’t know about your high blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the risk of having a heart attack or stroke and of developing vascular dementia. This is dangerous in hypertension is that it comes to no symptoms. Many people remember nothing of their disease, until severe complications occur. That is why hypertension is called the “silent Killer”.

Also fiber lower blood pressure