Joanna Gaines Shares Adorable Father's Day Tribute to Husband Chip: 'You Lead Our Babies Well'

Joanna Gaines is showing her appreciation for the most important man in her life this Father’s Day.

The mother of five, 41, shared an Instagram on Sunday honoring her partner in life and on Fixer Upper, Chip Gaines, acknowledging the special place he has in the lives of their kids.

“They all look up to you so much @chipgaines,” Joanna captioned two photos of Chip, 44, with Ella, 12, and Crew, 12 months. “You’re the strongest, bravest, funniest, and most loving man they know. You lead our babies well- Happy Father’s Day! “

The HGTV stars, who are also parents to Drake, 14, Duke, 10, and Emmie, 9, have been married since 2003, and celebrated their 16th wedding anniversary in May.

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Along with her husband, Joanna also honored another special man in her life on Father’s Day — her dad, Jerry Stevens.

“Happy Father’s Day to the plant daddy of all plant daddy’s,” Joanna wrote alongside a picture of her dad smiling beside a flowering shrub. “I got my love for plants from this man- he has taught me that determination and hard work with a mix of patience and grace can not only help in the garden but also with family, business and life.”

“I had the privilege of working with him for ten years at his tire shop and he taught me about these things 1st hand,” she added. “I always thought I would take over his shop when he retired, this was at least the plan. Once I met Chip I started realizing I had some hidden dreams in my heart but was scared to let my dad down. When he got wind that I was ready for something else he quickly sat me down and told me to go for it and do what my heart was telling me to do.”

Jerry and his wife, Nan, met in 1969 when Jerry was stationed in Korea, Joanna revealed on Instagram in 2017. The couple will be married 47 years on June 21.

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Joanna continued her touching tribute to her dad. “I’m thankful for all the things you’ve taught me Dad- you were determined and worked so hard for your three daughters, you loved us with great patience and grace.”

“And I love it that every time I smell tires I think of you and the good ol’ days (and now that you work here with me you have to admit it’s a lot nicer to come home smelling like candles ). I love you so much Dad, Happy Father’s Day! ,” she concluded.

With their hands full between their upcoming TV network and five children, Chip told PEOPLE earlier this month that while he wouldn’t define himself as a helicopter parent, he is slightly fearful of life with several teenagers in the house at once.

“I’m not a real worrywart. I enjoy each season as it comes,” Chip said. “But you think about these little ones driving and dating, and it really does put the fear of God in your heart.”

And though he has a few more years before his four older kids are all teens at the same time, the seasoned dad says he’s already getting prepared.

“When your little guy wants to go out past 10 or on his first date, you think to yourself, ‘Already?’ But you’ve got to let them do their thing,” Chip tells PEOPLE.

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