Is a sore joint supplement a secret weapon in fighting heart disease?

I’ve been training for triathlons pain-free!’ Can this triple-action supplement soothe sore joints AND help keep your heart healthy? These people swear by it – but how does it work?

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Living longer, healthier lives has never been easier. Even the least fitness-focused of us know the importance of maintaining some balance by getting our five a day and making sure we are packing in a moderate amount of exercise.

But as we all know, the more birthdays we celebrate, the more aches and pains we are bound to feel.

Especially when most of us want to enjoy the benefits of growing older – less time at work and more time to play. But for some of us, simple pleasures such as gardening and golfing are off limits due to the misery of joint pain and arthritis.

The more birthdays we celebrate, the more aches and pains we are bound to feel

However, there could be a super-simple – and very affordable – solution. FutureYou, a leading nutritional supplement company based in Cambridge, has received praise for their Super Glucosamine – Joint Advanced+ product, which has a trio of active ingredients regular users claim have helped dramatically ease their discomfort.

But how does it work? Glucosamine is found naturally in the body in cartilage, a tough tissue which helps cushion our joints.

It’s when this begins to wear away or is damaged that we start to feel pain in our joints, with the eventual loss of this ‘cushioning’ resulting in osteoarthritis. It’s this ingredient alongside with curcumin – found in ‘superfood’ turmeric – and Vitamin C that can not only help keep our joints healthy – but also our cardiovascular system, too.

CEO Jane Paterson-Todd, 55, decided to start competing in triathlons and maintains up a gruelling fitness regime 

For busy company CEO Jane Paterson-Todd, 55, this couldn’t be more important. Unfazed by her social group’s calls for her to slow down and cut back on her gruelling fitness regime as she approaches 60, Jane is determined to look and feel great – and that starts with her heart health and wellbeing.

‘It annoyed me that other people’s expectations changed when I hit the menopause – and they assumed I would not be able to continue to train as I used to,’ Jane explains.

What is glucosamine? 

Millions of people around the world take glucosamine supplements in a bid to sooth joint pain and arthritis.

But how is supposed to work? This compound, which is found naturally in the body as cartilage between the joints – has been linked to reducing inflammation.

It is thought to provide pain relief for people with osteoarthritis, the breakdown of the cartilage.

After a Court of Appeal Judgement in 2016, glucosamine has been classified as a medicine when taken at high level dosages. But you can obtain it without a prescription, as long as it falls below the medicinal threshold.

A recent US study into almost half a million Brits also found that those who used glucosamine regularly were up to 22 per cent less likely to die from cardiovascular disease (CVD).

‘My view is that women can continue to do things that they enjoy, whether that be sport, gardening or simply going for a walk in the park – they just need to adapt!’

In a bid to maintain her level of activity, Jane decided to add FutureYou’s Super Glucosamine Joint Advanced+ supplement to her diet twice a day and began to see the difference in just two weeks – most notably after tough triathlon training sessions.

She adds: ‘As well as being a busy CEO, I have been competing in triathlons and after a really hard session at the gym I often had to take a painkiller to stay active, but since taking Joint Advanced+, I hardly ever have to take painkillers and feel in good health generally.

‘I’m aware that not everyone wants to be a triathlete, but my message to other women is that you shouldn’t be put off from doing things you enjoy, but because it’s more difficult.’

One woman who certainly agrees is 67-year-old Jean Pantony, a retired medical counsellor who was left dependent on painkillers after a tearing a ligament in her knee.

She was determined to continue her active lifestyle – especially after remarrying and welcoming a new dog into the home. But, even with steroid injections, she could never escape the ongoing agony in her joints – until she started to try FutureYou’s Joint Advanced+.

‘After tearing my meniscus ligament, my life was a living hell – it was a pain no words can describe. I was offered an operation but the surgeon said it was no repairable, so I decided not to go ahead.

Curcumin is the active ingredient in turmeric, which helps to maintain normal muscle function after high-intensity exercise

FutureYou, a leading nutritional supplement company based in Cambridge, has developed Super Glucosamine – Joint Advanced+ product, which has a trio of active ingredients

‘I was at such a low point in my life as the pain just destroys you. I remember working with a famous EMT consultant in Harley Street in London and he said, “I can give you any advice in life, do take turmeric”.

‘I’ve always kept that in my head, so after busting the meniscus ligament I came back to it and I decided to try the turmeric with glucosamine. I hoped I wouldn’t be quite as uncomfortable but I never thought… there would be anything to take away the pain.

‘But after about four weeks I noticed a considerable difference. Now I take it twice a day and I’ve never looked back! I can now say confidently that at nearly seventy, I’m pain free.

‘My holidays used to be blighted with pain and I couldn’t contemplate walking up a hill because of my leg. Now I can join in and enjoy life. Your mobility – whether you’re 20 or seventy – is the greatest gift of all.

‘I also recently had a CT scan to make sure everything’s ok with my health. My heart came back as perfect – no calcification – and I take no medication for my heart!’ 

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To celebrate the success of the supplement, FutureYou is giving away packs of Super Glucosamine – Joint Advanced+. 

If you want to maintain healthy joints and heart while remaining active, then this subscription is for you.

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