Husband is looking to create 'calendar girls' of women who had miscarriages

Married couple Darren and Katherine Yates from Birmingham have unfortunately had a hard time trying for a baby.

Katherine, 39, who met Darren while they worked for West Midlands Police, has suffered seven miscarriages.

Shortly after, the couple had a surprise wedding at a cinema where they told guests that they were watching an advanced screening of a movie in which the bride and groom had cameo roles.

They both have children from previous relationships plus one son together but hope to add another child to their family.

But devastatingly, almost every pregnancy has resulted in tragedy.

And now to offer some solidarity to his wife, Darren, 45, is creating a calendar of other women who have had similar experiences to Katherine.

He has a few people signed up but is on the lookout for more people who’ve shared a similar fate. The funds from each calendar sold will then go to a miscarriage charity.

Darren told about the heartache they’ve faced together.

‘Last year, on Father’s Day (of all days), Kat had a miscarriage and nearly died again. During the night, she collapsed in a pool of blood in the bathroom, as well as several times throughout the night.

‘I remember her sitting down, her eyes rolled back, and she wasn’t breathing. It was the most traumatic experience ever.

‘To see your wife collapse unconscious and lose so much blood was heartbreaking. I thought she was going to die.

‘Her breathing was shallow and my heart just sank. I honestly thought I was losing my wife, my best friend and soul mate.’

Darren thanks the ambulance service for guiding him through the frantic calls.

Katherine had to have several blood transfusions but thankfully survived the ordeal. Shortly after the incident, Katherine even returned to her work with youth group Girl Guiding.

‘She was putting on a brave face for the girls despite the agony and upset that was happening within,’ said Darren.

‘We have since tried for another baby, but after seven miscarriages, the trauma is just too much. We have both decided it’s no longer meant to be.’

‘With this in mind, we knew there was a story to tell so we have both decided to work on a ‘Calendar Girls’ type of calendar to raise money for a miscarriage charity.

‘However, we thought it would be a fabulous idea if all the budding models had experienced miscarriages. It would make the calendar more meaningful with a story to share. It’s about raising awareness as well as funds.’

Darren is taking inspiration from British comedy Calendar Girls which is based on a true story of a group of middle-aged Yorkshire women who produced a nude calendar to raise money for Leukaemia Research.

He also has health issues of his own explained that Katherine does it all and is even his carer.

‘Kat is also my carer and looks after me. I have fibromyalgia (widespread chronic pain), syringomyelia (cyst on spine), arthritis, spine disease, as well as generalised anxiety disorder.

‘My wife is a remarkable individual with a heart of gold but has had more heartache than most. She always puts others first.

‘Some days can be so challenging as I can’t walk too far, and won’t leave the house alone.’

Katherine has one son, Liam, from a former relationship.

But his dad walked out when he was seven, leaving Katherine to be a single mother. Until she met Darren.

Husband Darren tries to put a smile on her face no matter what. He even got Ed Sheeran to send a video to cheer Katherine up.

He is now putting together the calendar to show that his wife is not alone.

If you would like to get involved or know anyone who does, please get in touch with Darren via his Twitter page.

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