How to make it easier to get out of bed in the morning

Getting out of bed first-thing in the morning seems incredibly simple – yet it isn’t for a huge cohort of people.

When that piercing alarm goes off, it can be easy to fall into the habit of grumbling, whacking snooze, and rolling back over in a duvet-style cocoon.

And, when it’s cold outside, venturing out of the comfy realms of the bed is anything but tempting.

But this reluctance will just make our mornings even worse, so how can we break the habit?

Ultimately, it’s not even about training yourself to be more of a ‘morning person’, it’s simply becoming better at pulling yourself out of bed when the dreaded alarm sounds.

Various tricks work for different people, so we’ve asked a selection of individuals who have previously struggled to share what helped them change their ways.

Your mornings are about to get even easier, as below are the tips they suggested…

Change your expectations

HR and careers expert Ruth Kudzi says it’s all about changing your perspective.

Ruth says: ‘I struggled getting out of bed in the morning for over a decade -mainly because I had an unrealistic expectation of what I would do in the morning.

‘I changed my expectations from exercise to getting up and having a coffee.’

Start running

Minreet KaurI explains she struggled for years to get out of bed – until she started running.

She says: ‘I struggled to get out of bed more following the pandemic, as I felt really low and lost all work. I was inspired by a friend Bob – he’s 75 and he would run 3 to 4 times a week. I asked to join him in 2021 and I’ve kept running since.

‘I went from couch to 10K, to a half marathon, to running 20 miles this weekend and I’m doing the London marathon in April – my first one with my parents who are in their 70s.

‘I love running, I can run for hours, it’s helped me get out of bed as it’s something I love doing. It uplifts me, it’s given me a new lease of life and I like to explore new routes to run.’

Meditate going to bed

Life coach Natalie Trice says her secret to waking up lies with falling asleep.

She says: ‘This might sound counter-productive but the thing that I have found most helpful about getting out of bed in the morning is to fall asleep to a meditation in the evening.

‘After a very stressful end to last year my sleep was really bad and nothing was working, so I reactivated my Calm app and have been using it ever since. I seldom get to the end of the mediation as I fall asleep – and when my alarm goes off at 6.55am, I am ready to get up and on with my day.

‘I also find the Mel Robbin’s 54321 rule helpful – but as someone who has previously discounted meditation as something for other people, it’s worked wonders for me, my sleep and my mornings.’

Book a morning class

Helen Clarke says booking a morning spin class helps her to get out of bed.

She says: ‘Knowing you are booked for a class first thing is the best way to motivate yourself to get up and out, in my opinion.’

SAD lamp

A SAD lamp changed things for Penny Herne.

She explains: ‘I put it on for 20 minutes at night while I am having a read and the room gradually becomes darker, then it starts to brighten the room half an hour before my alarm goes off so that when I wake up my room is already light.

‘I use it all year round and have definitely noticed such amazing changes from using it and always recommend it to everyone.’

Introduce morning gratitude

Anisa Lewis says: ‘I had a great relationship with the snooze button and multiple alarms before I introduced morning gratitude into my routine. Now, my day starts in a much better way as a result.

‘By making the first thoughts of my day those of being grateful for different aspects of my life, my community or simply for my body, my mind is looking for the good rather than heading towards procrastination.

‘It lifts me up and sets my mindset on a positive trajectory for the day.’

Sleep with socks on

Izzy Rose says staying warm helps her to get out of bed in the morning.

She tells us: ‘One thing that helps me (especially during winter) is keeping my socks and dressing gown under my covers at night.

‘When I wake up they are already warm to put on – saves me from hitting coldness first thing in the morning.’

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