Hollywood star Robert Redford’s son died from a cancerous tumour

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One of the hardest emotional turmoils one can face is losing a child; one that Robert Redford can relate to. In October 2020, Redford’s son – who was only 58 – died from bile duct cancer, a type of tumour within the liver. At the time, James’s representative, Cindi Berger, told People magazine Redford “is mourning with his family”.

Berger continued: “The grief is immeasurable with the loss of a child. Jamie was a loving son, husband and father.

“His legacy lives on through his children, art, filmmaking and devoted passion to conservation and the environment.”

During James’s childhood, he was diagnosed with primary sclerosing cholangitis – a rare automise disease affecting the liver.

He had two liver transplants during the 90s, and he was awaiting his third organ transplant when medics discovered he had cancer.

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Bile duct cancer

The NHS explains the “bile ducts are small tubes that connect different organs”, such as the gallbladder and pancreas.

Bile ducts are part of the digestive system; if cancer develops, symptoms can include jaundice, a loss of appetite, and generally feeling unwell.

Cancer can cause someone to feel tired; they can develop a hot temperature and feel hot and shivery.

“Many of these symptoms are very common and can be caused by many different conditions,” the NHS adds.

“Having them does not definitely mean you have bile duct cancer. But it’s important to get them checked by a GP.”

As with any type of cancer, the sooner a diagnosis is made, the sooner treatment can begin, and the better the prognosis is likely to be.

James was fairly young to die from bile duct cancer, as the disease is more common in people over the age of 65.

Nonetheless, “anyone can get bile duct cancer”, and it’s “not always clear what causes it”.

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While Robert Redford has faced tragedy in his life, the 86-year-old is still working.

One of his latest projects is Dark Winds, a thriller TV series, which is available on Amazon Prime.

Redford isn’t in front of the camera, though, as he is one of the executive producers of the programme.

In fact, the last film Redford physically featured in was Avengers: Endgame, which was released in 2019.

Redford is best known for his classic works, such as The Natural (1984), and All The President’s Men (1976).

Climbing into older age, despite personal setbacks, shows how resilient Redford is.

Not only has he lost his son, Redford survived polio as a child, grieved his mother’s loss at 18, and a close friend of his drowned to death.

Robert Redford starred in A Walk In The Words, which is airing on Tuesday, October 11 at 6:55pm.

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