High risk parents ‘ bed: The majority of infants die in their sleep

Unsafe sleep practices often lead to the early Kindstot

Infants are often put to Sleep in the parents bed. For babies this is a significant risk. Flat sleeping practices are one of the most common causes for early Kindstot. The American health authority CDC reported already in the year 2017, about, now, a research team has set itself in a current study, the issue of unsafe sleeping practices for infants.

Most of the deaths of infants happen in the parents ‘ bed

Many deaths are due to suffocation when babies sleep in the beds of adults in the abdomen. Often it comes to that, because parents will take their little Baby into their own bed to cuddle. The non-child-friendly sleeping conditions are the biggest risk factor for death in infants.

Most Common Cause Of Death

Suffocation is for 14 percent of all sudden unexpected deaths in infants and thus, they are a common cause of death in babies aged under one year. 49 percent of these tragedies occur in a parental bed, 82 percent of which are in a sleeping position on the abdomen. Often soft bedding is also in the game. This emerges from a recently in the journal Pediatrics published the study.

The researchers reported a particularly high risk, if the infants sleep in a parent’s bed, on the belly or on the side.

Parents bed is the most common place of death

The research team found that 69 percent of the deaths by Suffocation of a very soft linen, which blocked the respiratory tract of the babies that was the cause. In most cases, the babies were placed on the belly or on the side to fall asleep, and one or more Ceilings were used.

Storage of infants

Also, the Pinching of the babies was for 12 percent of the suffocation deaths. The children were caught in 48 percent of the cases between the mattress and the wall. The mean death age was in these cases six months.

Number of deaths rises

The frequency of risk of suffocation and Strangulation in bed increased from six deaths per 100,000 live births in 1999 to 23 deaths in the year 2015, warns the American health authority CDC. (fm)