Europe pollutes more recall: raw milk cheese with Listeria

The European rapid alert system for food and feed (Rapid Alert System for Food and Feed, RASFF) warns of Listeria (Listeria monocytogenes) in raw milk cheese BETHMALE / Bamalou under the RASFF notification 2019.3357. The affected cheese was offered the message that in Germany, too. At the same time, running another callback on the basis of Escherichia coli under the RASFF notification 2019.3410.

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The Luxembourg food safety authorities to inform about a recall of raw milk cheese BETHMALE / Bamalou

Country Of Origin: France
Identification number: FR 31 582 001 CE
Durability: 23/10/2019 – lot : 2019226114 and 02/10/2019 – lot : 2019205124

Consumers in Germany, should pay particular attention to the identification number: FR 31 582 001 CE.

Listeria symptoms in addition to Nausea, vomiting, or diarrhea after consumption of affected food, even after prolonged incubation time (sometimes more than 3 weeks) are similar to a flu-like infection trigger. In particular, the health of Pregnant women, small children and Immune-compromised is at risk. The above symptoms should occur, immediately consult your doctor.

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