Brits’ top hangover cures – 42% predict worst hangover ever this Christmas

Brits have revealed the hangover cures they swear by, including bowls of ice cream, sausage rolls and Netflix.

A study of 2,000 adults, who have experienced that morning-after feeling, found one in five will simply stay home all day with the curtains closed.

Just under a fifth (17 per cent) also rely on the ‘hair of the dog’ – aka more alcohol – to fend off a hangover, while others guzzle noodle soup, ginger-based foods and take long showers.

The top food to stave off the nausea of a hangover was revealed to be a full English breakfast – while 37 per cent do their best to drink a pint of water before going to sleep.

But 43 per cent say staying hydrated throughout the night is the single best way to ward off a hangover the next morning.

It also emerged that after last year's lack of celebrations, 42 per cent of those who have a Christmas party this year are predicting their ‘worst hangover ever' and the majority agree hangovers get worse once you turn 30.

The research was commissioned by essential delivery service Zapp, which has teamed up with TV Doctor, Dr Zoe Williams, to provide some hangover advice this Christmas.

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Dr Zoe Williams said: “Depending on your weight and other factors, it takes about one hour for a healthy liver to process a unit of alcohol.

"Consider stopping drinking well before the end of the evening, so the process can begin before you go to bed.

“The only 100 per cent effective hangover cure is prevention, either through drinking moderately, or not at all but we all know that Christmas can get the better of us.

So, for those reaching for the bubbles this Christmas, the tips I have provided and Zapp’s 24/7 service can help you get back to your best self.”

The average adult estimates they’ve had 80 hangovers to date in their life so far – with 15 per cent reporting 200 or more.

Saturday and Sundays were deemed the most common mornings during Christmas to wake up feeling the after-effects of one too many drinks.

Water, coffee and tea were chosen as the best liquids to combat a hangover, followed by 'full-fat' Coca Cola and classic Lucozade.

One in 10 fully expect to wake up on Christmas Day with a blazing hangover, and Brits even think their worst ones can last for two days.

Despite the bad press, 32 per cent confess to secretly quite enjoy being hungover, and seven in 10 admit to having had one at work.

But more than one in three (37 per cent) have had a Christmas Day ‘ruined’ by the effects of too much Christmas spirit, according to the figures.

Steve O’Hear, Vice President of Strategy at Zapp, said: “Hangover cures work and thanks to Dr Zoe we now know the science behind why.

“Yet, as our research reveals, very few of us plan ahead for the day after and are too often caught short when it comes to hangover cures.

"That's where Zapp steps in, delivering hangover essentials in minutes, any time and day of the week.

“We’re expecting to see an increase in mid-morning orders as a result of the many ad-hoc celebrations over the festive period.”

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Top five hangover tips from Dr Zoe Williams:

1. Have a good breakfast – it’s important to eat something to bring your blood sugar back up to normal.

2. Avoid the hair of the dog – it only delays the problem and routine ‘hair of the dog’ drinking can lead to increased tolerance of alcohol.

3. Hydration – drink plenty of water before going to sleep and keep a couple of glasses by the bed.

4. Medication – take a paracetamol to help ease a headache and an antacid to settle your stomach.

5. Avoid dark-coloured drinks – they contain a higher proportion of natural chemicals which affect the body’s abilities to break down ethanol as fast.

35 hangover cures Brits swear by:

1. Staying hydrated

2. Plenty of sleep

3. A pint of water before going to sleep

4. Pain relief tablets

5. Fresh air

6. A full cooked breakfast

7. A bacon sandwich

8. A long shower

9. Going for a walk

10. Tea

11. Lots of carbs

12. Lots of caffeine

13. Watching Netflix/films in bed

14. Toast

15. Fruit

16. Salty foods

17. Orange Juice

18. A hot bath

19. Staying indoors with the curtains closed

20. Vitamins

21. Hair of the dog (continuing to drink the next day)

22. Energy drinks

23. Sex

24. Chocolate

25. Milk

26. A sausage roll

27. A cup of tea before going to sleep

28. Biscuits

29. Sweets

30. Noodle soup

31. Ice cream

32. Swimming

33. Going to the gym

34. Ginger based foods

35. Ginseng supplements

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