Boy, 8, 'was sent home from hospital twice' before dying of Strep A

Boy, 8, ‘was sent home from hospital twice’ before dying of Strep A

  • Mohammad Izaan Danish first went to Bradford Royal Infirmary on December 10 
  • His mother Sajida Jabeen took him back the next day, he was again sent home
  • Mohammad then died in hospital from pneumonia three weeks later (January 6) 

A schoolboy was allegedly sent from home from hospital twice before later dying of Strep A.

Mohammad Izaan Danish, eight, was taken to Bradford Royal Infirmary on December 10 after his cough and temperature worsened.

Doctors gave him ibuprofen and sent him home after a six-hour wait for assistance, his mother Sajida Jabeen claimed. 

Mohammad returned to the same hospital the next evening after he began suffering chest pains. 

Eight-year-old Mohammad Izaan Danish was sent from home from hospital twice and left ‘suffocating’ on a waiting room floor before later dying of Strep A

Sajida Jabeen, 39, pleaded with doctors at Bradford Royal Infirmary (BRI) on December 10 to take her son Mohammad Izaan Danish’s symptoms seriously but claims he was given ibuprofen and sent home (Mohammad is pictured in hospital)

Strep A, medically known as Group A Streptococcus or Group A Strep, are bacteria that cause a range of infections

He endured another lengthy wait which saw him forced to sit on the hospital floor while ‘suffocating with chest pain’, according to Ms Jabeen. Mohammad was sent home after being given ibuprofen again. 

Ms Jabeen, a mother-of-three, claimed the severity of his illness was only noted by a GP on December 12.

Recalling that appointment, the 39-year-old said: ‘The doctor was really, really shocked. He was really poorly.

‘He said: “Why didn’t you take him to the hospital?” I said, “I have been taking him but they’re not really doing that much”.

‘I quickly took him to the hospital. He had given me a note, and I gave it to them. They started checking on him, and that was it.’

But just over three weeks later, on January 6, Mohammad died from pneumonia — a known complication of Strep A.

Ms Jabeen said of her son: ‘He was just really friendly and happy, always smiling.

‘He really liked playing football. He was a fan of Manchester United. He wanted to do lots of things. He was a happy kid.

‘He was in year four, and he loved learning. He liked his teachers and his friends.’

A total of 30 under-18s have died of the usually harmless bug in England since the season kicked off in September.

For comparison, 27 youngsters died from the bacterial infection during the 2017/18 season, which health chiefs consider to be the last ‘bad’ year.

Strep A is normally a mild bacterial illness that causes respiratory symptoms such as a cough or sore throat. It can also lead to scarlet fever and impetigo.

However, it can also, albeit very rarely, lead to far more serious complications, which can be fatal.

This includes necrotising fasciitis, the flesh-eating disease, where bacteria enter the surface tissue through a cut, scrape or open sore.

But just over three weeks later, on January 6, Mohammad (pictured in hospital) died from pneumonia caused by Strep A – which has so far taken the lives of around 30 children in the UK this winter

Ms Jabeen, a full-time mother from Bradford, West Yorkshire, said Mohammad began to feel unwell around December 9 last year, suffering from a cough and a temperature

Of the first hospital visit, Ms Jabeen said: ‘I took him to the hospital, the BRI. There was a wait and they saw him and gave him ibuprofen.

‘And then after another wait, they gave him a nebulizer. Then they said, “He’s ok, he can go home.”

Ms Jabeen said the second visit was ‘worse’, as Mohammad ‘couldn’t even lie down’ due to his severe chest pain and instead wanted to sit up, but there were no chairs available.

She added: ‘They could have taken more care of him and taken him into a ward or something.

‘There was a four to six-hour wait, and then they gave him ibuprofen.’

Bradford Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust’s chief medical officer, Dr Ray Smith said: ‘I would like to send our sincere and heartfelt condolences to Izaan’s parents on the tragic death of their son.

‘I will conduct a thorough investigation and the findings will be shared with Izaan’s parents once completed.’

From the ‘bubbly’ seven-year-old whose father desperately tried CPR to save her, to the four-year-old who loved exploring: The victims of Strep A so far

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali

The four-year-old boy attended Oakridge School and Nursery in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire.

He died at home from a cardiac arrest in mid-November after contracting a Strep A infection.

He was prescribed antibiotics.

His mother Shabana Kousar told the Bucks Free Press: ‘The loss is great and nothing will replace that. 

‘He was very helpful around the house and quite adventurous, he loved exploring and enjoyed the forest school, his best day was a Monday and said how Monday was the best day of the week.

Muhammad Ibrahim Ali, who attended Oakridge School and Nursery in High Wycombe, Buckinghamshire, died after contracting the bacterial infection

Hannah Roap 

The ‘bubbly’ and ‘beautiful’ seven-year-old is the only child to have died from Strep A in Wales so far.

Her devastated parents told how their ‘hearts had broken into a million pieces’. 

The first signs of the infection were mild. Hannah’s father Abul took his daughter to the GP after a cough got worse overnight. 

She was prescribed steroids and sent home, but she died less than 12 hours later. 

Mr Roap recalled how he desperately tried to resuscitate his child: ‘She stopped breathing at 8pm but we were not immediately aware because she was sleeping.

‘I did CPR, I tried to revive her but it didn’t work. Paramedics arrived and continued the CPR but it was too late.’   

Mr Roap said the family was ‘utterly devastated’ and awaiting answers from the hospital.

The family believe she might have lived if she was initially given antibiotics. 

Hanna Roap, who attended Victoria Primary School in Penarth, Wales, died after contracting Strep A last month. Her family say they have been ‘traumatised’ by her death

Stella-Lily McCorkindale

Five-year-old Stella-Lily McCokindale died following a Strep A infection, the first death from the infection in Northern Ireland. 

She died on December 5 at Royal Belfast Hospital.

In a tribute on social media, her father Robert said the pair had ‘loved every minute’ of being together as they went on scooter and bike rides.

‘If prayers, thoughts, feelings and love could have worked she would have walked out of that hospital holding her daddy’s hand,’ he said.  

Stella-Lily attended Black Mountain Primary School, which said she was ‘a bright and talented little girl’ and described her death as a ‘tragic loss’. 

Five-year-old Stella-Lily McCokindale who attended Black Mountain Primary School in Belfast died in early December after contracting Strep A

Jax Albert Jefferys

A five-year-old boy who died of Strep A was misdiagnosed as having flu, his family has said.

Jax Albert Jefferys, from Waterlooville, Hampshire, died on December 1.

His mother Charlene told how she had sought medical advice three times during the four days leading up to Jax’s death and was told he was suffering from influenza A. She described Jax as a ‘cheeky little chappy’. 

Later tests revealed he actually had Strep A.

Jax Albert Jefferys, a five-year-old from Waterlooville, Hampshire, died on , December 1, from Strep A

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