Alzheimer’s be prevented by improved oral hygiene?

A new active ingredient for oral hygiene against Alzheimer’s protects?

It will be already possible in the near future to treat Alzheimer’s disease by a gum or lozenges? Researchers have developed a drug that is taken orally and dangerous toxins are blocked. The latter were already brought earlier, with proteins, what is the dementia cause.

In a recent study by the University of Louisville Dental School, it was found that with the help of a special chewing gum toxins can be blocked, what diseases apparently with dementia. The results of the study were published in the journal “Science Advances”.

In the case of a professional teeth cleaning the plaque from the teeth to be eliminated, what are the oral hygiene is greatly improved. (Picture: K.-U. Häßler/

COR388 prevents spread of Gingipains

For the study, the brain tissue of people has been studied, which at her death to dementia suffered. Higher values of the bacterium Porphyromonas gingivalis could be detected, this could be detected on the basis of the DNA of the bacterium and toxins, which as a so-called Gingipain are known. Tests on mice showed that Gingipains can get from the mouth into the brain. The drug COR388 can prevent their spread. The so-called Gingipains seem to promote the production of proteins, called Beta-Amyloid and Tau are known. These proteins damage the brain cells and affect memory.

Oral hygiene is very important

The researchers also found that P. gingivalis plays a role in rheumatoid Arthritis, as well as aspiration pneumonias. This disease is caused by the Inhalation of food or saliva. Oral hygiene is a life-long, very important, not only for a beautiful Smile, but also for reducing the risk of many serious diseases. People with genetic risk factors, what you do for rheumatoid Arthritis or Alzheimer’s-prone, should pay attention to the prevention of gum disease, the authors explain in a press release.

Further research is already in planning

COR388 was made by the American company Cortexyme, Inc. developed, specializing in drugs for neurological disorders. A study with 570 patients with mild-to-moderate Alzheimer’s disease will begin in the next few weeks. The results are then expected for the year 2021. It is also working on other Compounds that also P. gingivalis fight. The main toxins of gingivalis, the enzymes needed by the bacteria to harm the body and represent good targets for potential new medical interventions to a variety of diseases. About one out of five people under the age of 30 has a low level of P. gingivalis in the gingival. If these bacteria spread, the immune system and it can occur redness, swelling, bleeding, and loss of gum tissue.

Brush regularly your teeth and use dental floss

The best way to prevent P. gingivalis gets out of control, is to brush, regular Tooth, use of dental floss and at least once in the year, a visit to a dental hygienist, report the researchers. Older people and smokers have an increased risk of infection, but it was also assumed that genetic factors play a role, so the research team. Now more Unetrsuchungen be required in order to develop a better understanding of the impact of P. gingivalis and possible counter-measures. (as)