So you can increase your chances of Survival in cancer

Early detection of breast cancer

From the age of 30 years women of the health insurance companies get an annual inspection of the breast and the adjacent lymph nodes paid. The woman doctor or a woman doctor from the affected breast and the armpit and look for changes. In addition, patients explains how you can use the breast self-examine.

Women between 50 and 69 years, another early detection method is available: the mammography Screening. Patients in this age group are invited every two years to study in a specialized centre, where the Breasts be x-rayed. The images are then assessed by two independent investigators. Participation in the Screening is voluntary.

When to see a doctor?

Abnormalities the Breasts should be, and not just until the next check-up appointment waited clarified. On the other hand, not every change in the breast must automatically mean cancer. The following symptoms but should be clarified better by a woman doctor or a woman doctor:

Nodes or lumps in the breast that are not re-occurred

– Swelling, for example, in the armpit, beside the breastbone or below the collarbone

Differences in the shape and size of the Breasts, which are not yet noticed

– Retraction of the nipple or secretions that are bloody or clear

– other changes of the skin, for example redness, inflammation, bumps, dimples, and enlarged pores