Pimples on the Penis: when they are harmless and when you need to see a doctor

Goes away by itself – or will it remain like this? Many men, it is uncomfortable when you discover pimples on your Penis or in the genital area. They are afraid of, first of all, to go to the doctor. Some even fear that behind it is a bad disease.

“In most cases, these pimples are harmless”, says private lecturer Dr. Tobias Jäger. He is a urologist and andrologist, and the Executive Board of the German society for men and health. He also runs the Blog www.maennerarzt.com he writes about topics related to men’s health. “And if it is actually a disease behind it should get stuck, you treat well in most cases.”

Harmless pimples should form after a few days back

Pimples on the Penis are not unusual: The shaft and the testicles sit as anywhere else on the body sebaceous glands. These can clog up and then a pimple, as it happens, for example, sometimes in the face develops. There is also that hair roots to ignite. This can lead in the consequence, on the shaft or on the testicles, a pimple forms.

Such changes should form but back by itself after a few days. Pimples are inflamed, pain or swell, you strong, you should imagine better once a doctor. This applies even if the pimples disappear by themselves, but even to multiply.

Pimples on the Penis can have several causes

There is, moreover, that from clogged pores cysts are formed when the sebum cannot drain to the outside. Such cysts can also occur on the shaft of the penis and the testicles. In the soft tissue of the testes, they are comparatively large. A cyst should be in front of the doctor remove, since you can press on the surrounding tissue – this is a small procedure that is carried out on request with a local anesthetic.

Also is a fungal infection on the glans can cause small pimples to form and the skin is reddened. A bacteria-triggered inflammation can also be small pimples grow and lead to redness. This can be caused by a lack of Hygiene to remove the Smegma is not regularly, bacteria and fungus under the foreskin, an easy game.

Changes may indicate a weak immune system

However excessive Hygiene can cause the skin to lose its natural protection layer and the pathogens easier to penetrate. “It is also a mixed infection may occur, the fungi and bacteria are involved,” says hunter. Whatever such an infection is triggered: “she is good to handle and are fortunately harmless.” Such inflammation occurs, it can be a sign of a weak immune system. “Then you should go that is not, for example, a previously undiscovered Diabetes is behind it.”

Penis cancer is thankfully relatively rare

Right serious causes pimples on the Penis have, fortunately, rather rare. Even if cancer of the penis is not a common disease, you should keep always in the back of the head of a penis carcinoma usually shows first as a result of skin changes that look like small pimples. They are often brownish in color and about as large as the head of a pin. Detected early, penile cancer is relatively easy to treat. “Even if most of these causes are harmless, we observe, however, that venereal diseases are on the rise again,” says hunter. In particular, Syphilis is shown by skin lesions that can look like pimples. The disease is transmitted primarily through unprotected sexual contacts with infected persons.

Number of syphilis cases in Germany continues to grow

Recently, there was an overall increase of syphilis cases in Germany: According to the Robert Koch Institute, the number of infections has been increasing since 2010. 2017 nationwide, nearly 7500 cases were reported, most of them in Berlin, Hamburg and North Rhine-Westphalia. You caught it, forms at the site of contact, usually the genitals or on the mouth – after two to three weeks, an ulcer that looks like a pimple. This causes no pain, and heals by itself. The pathogen spread but all the while in the body.

Skin changes always to sexually transmitted diseases to think

“You should think of in case of skin changes in the Penis to such pathogens, which were until a few years ago, rather rare,” says the andrologist. Syphilis can be very good with an antibiotic such as Penicillin to treat. The disease, you should not procrastinate – you can Railways, in consequence of serious damage to the nerves and the internal organs. It is also very contagious.

“No one needs to fear that he is looked at with such a diagnosis at the doctor wrong, or for his sexual contacts need to justify,” says hunter. It is important, however, to inform their own sexual contacts that they may have possibly infected and to protect themselves in the future from infection by using condoms.

In case of doubt, prefer to have a doctor to ask for advice

“Many also worry, because you have heard that Syphilis is a notifiable disease,” says the expert. No one needs to fear that his Name appears in a database: The message is anonymous. It is simply a matter of numbers and not to have local distribution, but to capture Affected in particular.

Basically, always: no matter what is the cause of a skin lesion in the genital area: If you do not disappears by itself, other symptoms or has been suspected to have a sexually transmitted disease infected, you should always ask a doctor for advice. In order to protect not only himself, but also his sexual partner.

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