People Are Sharing the Little Things That Feel Just as Good as an Orgasm

Knowing what you like and what makes you feel good in bed is important. But we all have our own non-sexual turn-ons too: there are a whole host of things that have nothing to do with sex or foreplay that can make you feel so, so good. Like, have you ever fallen back into freshly laundered sheets? Absolute thrills.

In a thread on Reddit, people have been sharing the completely innocuous, everyday moments that are so satisfying they’re equivalent to an orgasm.

When your ears finally pop

From Owls_yawn: “I’ve had a good amount of ear surgery, so with the scar tissue, my ears are not great at popping. Was flying for the first time in a while. And didn’t prepare for popping them. So for like an hour my ears are in excruciating pain, like the worst I’ve ever experienced, more so than dental surgery. Anyway, I’m starting to freak out quietly, thinking my ears are gonna be fucked and that I might need to ask the attendant for help. Which would embarrass me on top of everything. I’ve tried everything suggested to get them to pop, even the multiple ways to pop your ears. Finally! I hear a slow fart noise inside my head, and it was like the best feeling I’ve ever had. Instant relief, like a good fart, but a million times better.”

Taking off your shoes at the end of the day

Being able to kick off your cumbersome apparel after a long day is a deeply satisfying experience, and as the following responses demonstrate, is a feeling that can be found in a number of contexts.

From Piri001: “Taking off your shoes and socks after a whole day of walking.”

From jcallemc: “Taking off your ski boots after a whole day of skiing.”

From alipinealone: “Taking off your bra after a long day at work.”

Quenching your thirst

No, this isn’t referring to the sexual kind of thirst, but the original kind. A cold, refreshing drink in the height of summer can get you there in ways that sex can only dream of.

From StrawberryR: “When you’re dying of thirst and find the perfect water fountain and that water hits your throat like nothing else.”

When your favorite song comes on

From Muff_in_the_Mule: “When you get that shiver up your spine and in your head at that bit. Actually I wonder if it is a dopamine release or something.”

From 4our_Leaves: “Especially with some good headphones on. I call that the eargasm.”

From Yossarian287: “That hook you’ve been anticipating for so long. The only reason Phil Collins ever made it big.”

Going to the bathroom when you really need to

From TheKrystoVirus: “Had to sit at a window seat on a flight where an obese woman blocked two seats and I couldn’t escape. I was far too timid to ask her to move so I could go to the restroom. Two hour flight. Landed, everybody deboarded, but she remained sitting until EVERYBODY got off. I don’t even think the flight crew was there still. I went to the can after she levered herself out of the seat and took a 30 second piss of pure euphoria.”

Realizing you don’t have to get out of bed just yet

From RestInSpace: “Waking up in the middle of the night thinking you have to get up for school or work, only to find out you have like 4 more hours left to sleep.”

From athagazor: “Better yet, remembering that you have the day off.”

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