Helpful tips to fall Asleep: how to fight the inner turmoil

The health report is already a few years old, the Problem is likely to be more up to date: According to the DAK, the number of employed in Germany (between 35 and 65 years) suffering from massive sleep disorders have risen, between 2010 and 2017, to over 65 percent. Derived from this one might suspect that there are now even more Concerned. Permanent problems with sleep are also referred to as insomnia, which refers to the inability, within a short period of time to fall asleep or stay asleep. Of the most serious sleep disorder is the DAK, according to one in ten workers (more women than men) are affected. But where is the Problem?

Sleepless Nights: Possible Causes

Not only our Psyche but also our body functions have a major impact on sleep rhythm. For this reason, many people can not sleep or to sleep through, if you had previously eaten a lot of or (alcohol) drink. Some people react sensitive to caffeine: an increase in the consumption of coffee, black tea or Cola can’s sleep nights loose. These causes can accordingly be quite easy to fix.

The Same is true for the lack of movement: If you move in the everyday life in to little, can exert also a negative effect on your sleep. The inner turmoil can be triggered by a deterioration in blood circulation of the body, sagging, or tight muscles and stiff joints. The good news is: you have to do not engage in endurance or strength sports, to be tired. A walk before bedtime can help.

Among the most common reasons for massive sleep disturbances, psychological problems (depression or anxiety disorders) and Stress, however. The trigger for this may be professional or of a private nature and are much more difficult to fight than the already mentioned reasons. Nevertheless, you should leave no stone unturned to find the root of the problem and to find a solution for it. The following tips could help.

Tips to fall Asleep: this could help

Basically, a restful sleeping climate is for anyone who suffers from sleep disorders, is essential. Classic advice such as regular Airing, fixed routines, soothing home remedies (such as milk with honey), meditative Exercises and the absence of electronic items of any kind in bed – such as Smartphones, Tablets, and television can help. In addition, the following five tips to help you Sleep want to animate:

The scent of lavender will have a calming effect on our body. He provides, according to the manufacturer for the necessary relaxation and reduces Stress, if you distribute the scent on your pillow. The lavender Spray is manufactured in Germany and is made of high quality lavender water, 100 percent pure lavender oil.

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