Charlize Theron Just Got Rid of Her Bowl Cut—and Her New Style is Even Better

Charlize Theron just switched up her hairstyle again—and surprise, she looks amazing. Over the past year, the 44-year-old has tried out a handful of fresh cuts: from a sophisticated brunette bob to a shockingly chic blonde bowl cut, she has yet to disappoint with a ‘do. But her latest chop might just be her best ever. 

Over the weekend, the Addams Family star debuted her new hairstyle at the American Cinematheque Awards in Beverly Hills on November 9. Theron's hair stylist, Adir Abergel, shared a sneak peek of the actress’s modern pixie cut on his personal Instagram just before the event.

“Always love changing up this humans hair. New color. Swept back. New vibe," Abergel captioned his post.

Feeling inspired by the changing season or by a trendy celeb-endorsed cut like the pixie? We asked Emily Heser, a stylist at Cutler Salon in New York, for advice on how to steal Theron's look. 

"To be able to see the texture in the haircut, especially on darker or straighter hair, it is extremely helpful to have a few subtle highlights to bring out the shape and texture of the haircut," Heser tells Health. "Often times, solid colored hair will lack the dimension seen on blonde hair like Charlize’s."

Heser also recommends using your hands as much as possible when styling to achieve Theron's weightless, gravity-defying hairdo. "Using a brush will make it harder to achieve such an effortless look," she points out. Once you apply your products, either allow your tresses to air dry (read: don't touch them!) or enlist a diffuser for more relaxed, tousled strands, she says.

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To add texture and to keep hair out of your face (similar to Theron), you’ll want to use a semi-matte product with hold. Heser's pick: Fatboy Sea Salt Pomade ($25;, a lightweight cream that creates natural, beachy texture—without the crunchiness that comes with sea salt spray—while moisturizing locks to give a healthy yet subtle shine. And if you have fine hair, that's not a problem. You can use a bit of Redken Dry Shampoo Paste ($20; at the root, and then a pomade towards the ends to get maximum lift and texture, Heser adds. 

While Abergel manipulated Theron's pixie to look more rocker-like in order to complement her black leather and lace dress for the American Cinematheque Awards, Theron opted for a more elegant look for the Glamour Women of the Year Awards last night. Los Angeles-based hairstylist Jenny Cho, styled the A-lister's hair so that it was straight and smooth, pairing perfectly with her white feathered gown—which goes to show you, a pixie is the versatile cut you need in your life.

We may never be able to reach Theron's level of hairstyle perfection (if only we had a crew of stylists at our beck and call), but we'll definitely be using Heser's tips next time we visit the salon.

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