World Snake Day 2019: Eight children’s books on the amazing reptile

World Snake Day: Check out this list of children's books on the mysterious reptile with books that include fun stories like The Greedy Python and others that throw up fascinating facts with fun activities to do.

On World Snake Day, it’s a good opportunity to introduce your kids to the fascinating cold-blooded reptile. Here are some books that will get them hooked to learning more about snakes.

100 Facts: Snakes by Miles Kelly (Age: 3+)

From the 100 Facts series comes this cool book with great images, facts and activities on the cold-blooded predators. Kids will enjoy doing the activities after going through the book.

Snakes by Gail Gibbons (Age: 4+)

This book is full of facts on snakes, which come in about 3,000 varieties. Learn how they live, give birth by laying eggs or delivering live babies, how they swallow their prey and more.

National Geographic Readers: Slither, Snake! by Shelby Alinsky (Age: 2+)

Meet a variety of snakes and find out fascinating facts about where they live and their activities. As kids learn about the animal kingdom, they also end up increasing their vocabulary.

Snakes! A Kid’s Book Of Cool Images And Amazing Facts About Snakes by John Yost (Age: 3+)

A part of the Nature Books for Children series, the bestselling children’s author gives us an easy to read children’s book that contains interesting facts about snakes, to make the reptile fascinating for kids. Read about the massive anaconda, mysterious boa constrictor, beautiful black racer, cool cobra and more in this Kindle book.

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I (Don’t) Like Snakes by Nicola Davies (Age: 5+)

A little girl simply doesn’t like snakes and can’t understand why anyone would like these slithery, icky reptiles with creepy, unblinking eyes. Stuck in a family which has snakes has pets, she learns to know them better and finally falls in love with them. The book comes packed with trivia.

Verdi by Janell Cannon (Age: 4+)

This little baby python loves life just how it is and really doesn’t want to grow up. Follow her journey as she slithers in search of a meal with a forked tongue and razor sharp teeth, ready to catch prey. The narrative introduces kids to interesting facts about pythons.

The Day Jimmy’s Boa Ate the Wash by Trinka Hakes Noble (Age: 4+)

It’s time for some fun as Jimmy’s adorable boa constrictor accompanies him to the farm andwreaks havoc, leaving the entire class in disarray.

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The Greedy Python (World of Eric Carle) by Richard Buckley (Age: 4+)

This Ready-to-Read book, with illustrations from Eric Carle, is a fun story about a greedy python who devours everything he sees, from a tiny mouse to a giant elephant. The animals get together in his belly and force the python to spit them out. The greedy python, however, doesn’t learn a lesson but ends up swallowing his own tail and himself!

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