This TikTok Cleaning Hack Will Tackle Even The Most Stubborn Of Molds

Nearly everyone is eventually going to see some spots of mold in their bathroom. It’s a humid environment, one in which mildew and mold thrive. It’s never a welcome sight. It’s difficult to remove and can even make people sick. So what’s the best way to tackle cleaning it?

A TikToker that goes by cleanwithnessa has a cleaning hack that will make removing that mold quick, easy, and safe. And all it takes it two common household items: bleach and toilet paper.

In the video, Nessa demonstrates on spots of mold that are in the grout line of a shower floor. The first step is to take a length of toilet paper – about as long as the length of mold you’re removing – and twist it into a long rope. Next, pour the bleach onto the mold spots. It may be helpful to use one of the gel bleach options and buy a container that has a pouring spout.

Once the mold is saturated in bleach, lay the toilet paper over the mold so it will soak up the bleach and continue to sit on the mold spots. Then walk away and let it sit overnight. When you come back, the mold spots should be easy to wipe away.

Keep mold away by doing this

If you’d like a natural option, baking soda also works to clean mold, according to This Old House. To try this route, mix baking soda with a small amount of water until it creates a paste. Cover the mold with the paste and allow it to sit for 10 minutes. Use a brush – a toothbrush is the right size for cleaning grout lines – to scrub the mold away.

To truly be clean you’ll want to get rid of any unseen mold spores that still might exist and bleach isn’t the best option for that, according to Bob Vila. Rather, spray vinegar on the clean area and let it dry. Vinegar is a natural way to protect against mold formation so they also recommend spraying the shower with it after every use.

Another way to prevent mold from forming is to keep things nice and dry. Squeegee the shower walls and door and dry them off after you’re done. Towel out sinks too, and don’t forget to regularly clean toilet bowls with a good cleanser.

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